Patricia’s 2019 Favorite Corporate, Family and Children Photos

While many know Patricia as a wedding photographer she also does many engagement, children, family, real estate and corporate photography too. She is versatile in her ability to capture stories in her weddings but also in her other business endeavors. #patricialongmirephotography #corporatephotography #engagement #engagementphotos #realestatephotography #realestate #seniorphotography #seniors #familyphotography #family #photographer #Louisville #Lexington

Real Estate photography has been a part of Patricia’s life for over 5 years. Officially opening that branch of her business in 2018.

Engagement photos are always a fun time with couples sharing their time with Patricia. This goes hand in hand with weddings but is a completely different look for the couples.

Corporate work has been a part of Patricia’s business since she started. From bourbon bottles to grand openings Patricia has been there for many. She even has a Personality Portraits program that helps businesses brand themselves through photography to be used for websites and social medias.

High school senior photography has changed through the years to say the least. High school seniors don’t really care, sometimes, to get their formal portraits done but Patricia  thinks that is a shame. Not just because she is a photographer, but because of the changes of life. The senior, after graduation, will probably not get formal photos taken until their wedding day. Here are a few photos Patricia has taken in the year of 2019. Some already graduated and some are scheduled to graduate in 2020.

Family photos are a wonderful way to get all the family together and share in a moment.


Patricia’s 2019 Wedding Photos of the Year!

Here we go with the 2019 wedding photos of the year from Patricia. Each year is unique and 2019 was no different. Patricia started out with Trina and Donald who were married in April. A small wedding that was so heartfelt and joyous.

Throughout the year there was a theme…. Laughter!

and more laughter….

Then there were the special first looks (these are just a few). Either with bride and father or bride with bridesmaids or bride and groom. These moments are always cherished.

Candids are Patricia’s speciality.  There were the cute kids and special moments with loved ones that will always be something to remember.

Who wants to forget the details that put that special touch on a wedding and reception? Not Patricia.

Where did you get ready? Where did you have your ceremony? How did we look on our wedding day? These are all questions Patricia answers for the big day!



A dramatic ending to a dream day. #dreamwedding #2019wedding #wedding2019 #Louisvillewedding #Bardstownwedding #Whitehall #WhitehallLouisville #StThomasBardstown #StThomas #HurstbourneChristianChurch #StJosephProtoCathedral #StJoe #StJoeBardstown #MyOldKentuckyHome #ThebarnatMcCallSprings #McCallSprings #FirstBaptistChurchFrankfort #FrankfortKy #BerryHillMansion #BerryHillMansionFrankfort #BrunersFramandWinery #BrandenburgKy #Bardstown #Whitehallwedding #Fairfieldchurch #StGregoryHall #StGregory #GheensFoundationLodge #jeffersontownunitedmethodistchurch #Jeffersontownwedding #StJoeParishHall #Wickland #MontgomeryFarms #UnderwoodIndiana






Nervous, Anxious Typical Feelings Planning A Wedding. Let Me Help

I have been told by many that my calm demeanor helped them on their wedding day. Some have had problems with various vendors and have come to me to either vent or to get help. Now I am not saying this happens often, but when it does I try to help. I am not a wedding planner or dj but I can either get help or try to guide the bride/groom in the right direction.


I leave the professional to know what to do so I don’t get involved unless needed. One time years ago I had a bride that was uncomfortable with one of her vendors. She came to me venting about this vendor not doing the job she wanted. I told the bride to remember this is her wedding and we are there to help her to get what she wants. That gave the bride more confidence to straighten out the situation, to talk to the vendor about what she wanted. All turned out better and there wasn’t the hard feelings between the parties.



Another time about 5 years ago a bride/groom was not very happy with the dj and how they treated them. They were venting to me and I said look who paid for whom? Who is the boss here? Talk to this dj and tell them that you wanted faster paced music after the first dances or they will not be reviewed in a good light

Tish and Jonathan Outdoor Kentucky Wedding

@Tish Edelen Ross and @Jonathan Ross had an amazing wedding near #NewHavenKentucky in May, 2017. Their wedding was the epitome of a beautiful outdoor #Kentucky country wedding. #imgettingmarried #imengaged #loveconquersall

The skies were threatening rain however the sun popped out and was clear most of the day. The sun wasn’t the only thing that shone. So did Tish and Jonathan. They were ready….Ready to make the commitment of their lives.

But, Tish wanted Dad to have his first look #Dadsfirstlook #dadfirstlook. He was a bit on edge to see his beautiful daughter in her #weddingdress. His nerves changed to tears when he saw her. He even had to wipe tears from her cheek, to assure her that his dedication to her, all these years while growing up, was worth it.

FB First look dad copy

However, dad wasn’t the only one emotional when he first saw Tish.  Jonathan was overcome by emotion too.  #walkingdowntheaisle #groomtears


It is amazing what marriage does for the witnesses. It makes people stop and realize, all is not bad in this world. Some get to reflect on their marriage as the vows are said, some smile at a hope for their future. Love conquers all!

Here are a few more photos that I wanted to share.



A Special Gift For The Bride

I have seen many weddings, no one is under more stress than the bride. I mean really, the groom does plenty and is under stress but doesn’t usually organize the event much.  Parents of the bride are stressed too, but all eyes are on the bride. She has to look and act a certain way. She is also under all sorts of pressures to make the day special for everyone including her guests.


Some of the pressures can be taken off of her by having wonderful bridesmaids and parents. A simple hug, smile or a few words of encouragement could be all she needs.

A personal gift is what Emily received. A note from each of her bridesmaids which was put then into a folder. But, even as special as that gift was, she was given time to read some of the notes.

Then there was Hope, who just simply got caught up in the moment when she first saw herself in her wedding gown… Her bridesmaids immediately took action and started fanning her while another fetched a tissue for her.


These are the sorts of things needed for the bride.

So take the job of friend, bridesmaid, mother, father or groom seriously to help the bride on her big day. You may need that help someday as well!


Engaged To Be Married…What A Glorious Ride

Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines engagement as..

A promise to meet.

Emotional involvement or commitment

DSC_0723 copy

Leading up to the engagement is emotional….

You might meet online, at a party or through a friend’s introduction. You are vulnerable anywhere!

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It is like a roller coaster of emotions. Meeting, dating, falling in love and then engagement.

Ah…. But it is a strong emotion. Once bitten, love can take you to the tallest peaks. Send you soaring with the eagles.

All I ask is take this time and soak up the rays of love. Plan your wedding together and take your time.

Commitment, think about it, enjoy it. Take a walk in a park, throw leaves at each other, hug and talk. These are ways to get to know each other and fall deeper in love and make your engagement one of the most memorable times in your life.

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What is True Love?

Can you describe what true love is? Can you put your finger on it? Can you hold it? I have heard songs, read books, read poetry about love. But really no one song or poem describes the whole meaning. Here are some short quotes I found online about love:


“True love comes from the soul and the heart” Lovable

“Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything” #Pinterest

#John Legend song: “All Of Me” is a great description of love.


I have been married for 21 years and I can’t put my finger on my love for him exactly because it is ever moving, flowing or changing.

When I first got married it was the fun and exciting, a lighter than air feeling I had when I was around my husband, Lellan. As we started a family I watched him with our daughter and the care he took when giving her a bath or playing ball with her. He was gentle, kind and oh so loving with her and our younger daughter too. This made my love grow in a different fashion. Of course there has always been laughter. He knows what gets me to laughing especially when I am a bit down. Now after all these years he still accepts me and all my imperfections. I also accept him and his. We are a team that gains strength each day.

I guess love is hard to grab a hold of because it is like water it flows and keeps refreshing whomever drinks it. Our love is hard to grab but we know it is there. A God given love that surrounds us and hugs us even when we don’t necessarily need it. I hope you experience this kind of love during Valentines Day and beyond. Everyone deserves this.


What Does Kentucky Mean To You?

Kentucky is flirtatious, she’s as curvy as Marilyn Monroe and will warm your heart yearning to see more. The western boundary is flat and fertile due to the iconic Mississippi River and the northern border curves into the landscape like a beautiful woman because of the Ohio River. The eastern border is the great Appalachia mountains with a vast natural beauty all it’s own. The southern border is invisible and rolls you right into Tennessee. #iloveKentucky #kentucky

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, horses, rock climbing and beautiful women! Well, at least that is what I have always heard.  When traveling abroad people say, oh you’re the home of KFC, The Kentucky Derby and Maker’s Mark. I have heard that the Native Americans who lived here used to call her “The happy hunting grounds” due to its fertility that attracted a wide variety of game.

Yes, we are home to all those things but Kentucky is so much more… Many people get married in Kentucky because it is conveniently located and not too commercialized. She is full of friendly people and couples who love her as if she were their mother. They embrace her and take pride in her. Her hot humid summers hug you and the cool breezes in the winter go through you as if to say, “wake up look at me”.  Weddings are common here, like most other places, but they bring in a certain style that I have been capturing for over 20 years. Horse farms, mountains, bourbon distilleries are just a few places that hold weddings and make them unique to Kentucky.

Come to Kentucky and enjoy her. She is always open. #imengaged #lookingforaweddingphotographer #Patricialongmirephotography #iaminlove #imgettingmarried

A Small Spring Wedding…In Cynthiana, Kentucky

Carrie and Trey were married in #Cynthiana, Kentucky @Ashford Acres in April, 2018. What a beautiful day. This historic home helped set the scene for romance and beauty. @Carrie Bowling Wilburn @Carrie Bowling and @Trey Wilburn were so excited when they saw each other (no first look) they teared up and said wow to each other after Carrie’s walk down the aisle. They were married on the front porch of this beautiful house and had their reception indoor. The couple had approximately 25 guests which included family and close friends. Their short ceremony was followed by the reception where the couple could have extended conversations with everyone.

Best of luck Carrie and Trey and I know your future is bright.

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Nervous or Anxious About Planning Your Wedding?

Anxiety and nervousness is part of planning your wedding. But, it doesn’t have to take over your life. You should have some fun in the planning your wedding and here’s how.


  1.  Learn yoga, meditation or prayer. I say this in all honesty. When you know how to do any of these or all, then you will have something to turn to when you feel those muscles tensing up and anxiety rising.
  2. Learn how to say “no”. If only I had learned that when I was engaged, life would have been so much easier. When you don’t want to do something say “no”. When you are being pressured into buying something you don’t want say “no”. Say no to your family or friends too. They won’t get their feelings hurt and you will feel better too.
  3. Remember not everything is going to go perfect and deal with it. I don’t mean to sound harsh but something will go wrong. It might be something small like your ring bearer not walking down the aisle when you want him to on wedding day. That happened to me and it is a great story 22 years later. My nephew laughs at the story every time it’s brought up.
  4. Let others help. It is hard to ask for help. I know you don’t want to ask people because everyone is so busy. However, many people are willing and want to help but they just don’t know how. It’s okay. Let them. You will get closer to those people and you’ll enjoy their company when you get together and do the tasks at hand.

Laugh and enjoy your engaged time. It should be fun and exciting. I loved the time planning my wedding and whenever I got nervous I just said a prayer or vented to a family member. It’s all good!! #wedding #planningawedding #photolux #photoluxstudio #engaged #engagement #engagedtobemarried #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #portraitphotographer #ottawaportraitphotographer #ottawaphotographer #ottawaweddingphotographer #ottawawedding #newlyengaged #soontobemrandmrs #mrandmrstobe #isaidyes #shesaidyes #isaidyestotheman #love #happiness #loveofmylife #winterengagement #winterbliss #weddingplanning #weddingcountdown #fashion #greenhouse #aquatopia #engaged #engagement