Give Thanks

I want to give thanks to so many who have helped me throughout the year. First thanks goes to God!! God gave me this gift of being able to tell stories through my camera. This gift is a wonderful thing and thanks be to God.

I want to give thanks for my family….my husband, Lellan Barlow Jr., my children Alex and Anna Jean. They have to listen to me telling the story of love, enjoyment and how I had to work a scene to get that special photo. Their love and support means the world to me.

I also have other family members such as my parents, in laws, sisters and brother in laws who are a wonderful support too. Thank you!

But this blog is to give thanks for all the brides and grooms who make Patricia Longmire Photography what it is today. A successful and caring business which brings happiness to many. I hope that your first Thanksgiving as newlyweds brings you happiness beyond belief. Give thanks to your spouse and those around you this #2017Thanksgiving

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Another Wonderful Bardstown Wedding!!

@Lauren Osbourne and @Daniel Brussell were an amazing couple that have a long history of a tried and true relationship.


They met in high school and developed a strong friendship as well as a bit more… Lauren got severely sick and Daniel was right there beside her, every step of the way. Then they went to college together, Daniel a physical therapist, Lauren, a nurse. During this time they decided to get married. Oh and what fun they planned. Just look at this #weddingstory

The men went all out for Daniel.


The women were no slouches either….


Lauren with her dad’s first look and her moment with her mom was so special. They were ready, all of them.

God truly blessed this couple and their families with each other.

Then there were their friends. Goofing off, having fun and of course making certain memories that will be held tight forever.


Best of luck to Lauren and Daniel.


Wedding Tips and Freebies and More on Patricia Longmire Photography app

Did you know that Patricia Longmire Photography has an app? This app is a great way to keep in contact with Patricia. Not only can you contact her quickly through the app but you can see what she has going on like….. Events that she will be participating in, aka wedding shows, fundraising, etc…. also specials that she is running just for you. Even contests that you could win some fun stuff! What photographer do you know that has an app? It is simply more efficient and keeps you up to date on the latest.

Just look for the logo below and download the app


Here are the links below!

Download my app for Apple:
for Droid

You won’t regret it. A few brides, even after signing with me, received a few freebies. YIPPEE!!


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Wedding Personality: What’s Yours?

What are weddings all about? Better yet, what is YOUR wedding all about? What is your personality? How do you want to remember your wedding? How do you want people to see you and your new spouse 10 or 20 years from now? #imengaged #imgettingmarried #weddingphotography #myfavoriteweddingphotos #Patricialongmirephotography


Think long and hard on these questions if you really want your wedding to reflect your personality. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Location, Location, location… This couple above decided on a wedding in the great outdoors. They wanted a country feel that made it feel homey. The wedding day was absolutely beautiful but like any #Kentucky spring day, weather changed and it stormed during the reception. No problem this #Kentuckywedding was ready. They had a tent and a building to protect them as the storm passed. After the storm passed we went out and took this dynamic photo, above, for this dynamic couple. Below are some photos before and during the wedding.

    2. Elegance, rustic, fun, country, romantic the list goes on about how you can define your wedding style. Pick one style or even two and go with it. This #Lexington wedding below at #FasigTipton was gorgeous. They went all out with the romance and Kentucky theme. Savannah had great props too with these extra large balloons during the reception. Think outside the box and get creative.

  2. 3. Make sure you hire a #weddingphotographer that truly fits your style. Check out my website: . I have photographed many styles of weddings, but planning and communicating is one of the most important things a couple and I can do to make the dream come true. I meet with my couples a few times in the year of planning to make sure everything is on par for them. I love doing engagement photos to see the style of posing they like. In turn with they can see how I work. I learn so much from #engagement sessions. I have also been told by my couples that it helps them as well. That is why I love doing them.

    These three things: Location, style, photographer are my top three things to consider when planning a wedding. #weddingphotographs #weddingphotographer #engagementphotography #iaminlove #iminlove




Let’s Talk About The Men

Let’s talk about the other half….

It seems the spotlight is on the beautiful bride-to-be, wedding gowns, and capturing every precious moment so that the wedding will be perfect for all to enjoy.

Let’s face it, all too often the groom is overlooked when it comes to the wedding planning, so I thought that today I would dedicate this blog to the awesome¬†grooms and their groomsmen.

Here’s to you gentlemen!!!

Brittani and Derek Wedding – 2014- These guys were fun and I loved the great pink and yellow bow ties.

DSC_8763 copy

Chassity and Torrence Wedding -2014-… I had fun with this group – they sported a real friendship for one another.

DSC_3405 copy

Kelly and Jay Wedding – 2014- No one can remember who was laughing the loudest – them or me?


Laura and RJ Wedding -2014- We were shooting in @SeelbachHilton in Louisville and it was the perfect place to put on a show. All I needed was to give these gents the stage and it’s a WOW!



All of these photos embody the spirit of great groomsmen, they were excited, genuine and fun to work with.

but before I leave… look at these two precious moments in time…


DSC_1015 copy

Thank you so much for visiting. I look forward to helping you create memories that will live forever.

LGBTQ- Small Wedding

Michelle and Stephanie had a dream wedding… They were married this summer (2016) in Louisville, Ky. They wanted something different and special and so what did they do? They had a hot air balloon whisk them away after saying their vows.


The bright summer day had a breeze which brought a certain element of excitement in the air, for two people who are truly in love. Their children and other family members were able to enjoy seeing them finally have a chance to commit their lives to each other.

Emotions ran high as they said their vows.

Then joy overcame Michelle and Stephanie afterward.


Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your important wedding.




Engaged To Be Married…What A Glorious Ride

Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines engagement as..

A promise to meet.

Emotional involvement or commitment

DSC_0723 copy

Leading up to the engagement is emotional….

You might meet online, at a party or through a friend’s introduction. You are vulnerable anywhere!

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It is like a roller coaster of emotions. Meeting, dating, falling in love and then engagement.

Ah…. But it is a strong emotion. Once bitten, love can take you to the tallest peaks. Send you soaring with the eagles.

All I ask is take this time and soak up the rays of love. Plan your wedding together and take your time.

Commitment, think about it, enjoy it. Take a walk in a park, throw leaves at each other, hug and talk. These are ways to get to know each other and fall deeper in love and make your engagement one of the most memorable times in your life.

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