Louisville – Venue Sawyer Hayes Wedding


@Sawyer Hayes Community Center in #LouisvilleKy is part park and part community center. This place makes me want to keep coming back to search for more photo opportunities. I feel like I have only touched the surface but wow what a surface it is!


The beauty of this park isn’t just that it has a lot of green space, but also it has a beautiful building and ceremony site that almost looks like it grew out of the ground like the trees.

The main ingredient to this beautiful site is a beautiful couple… @Mallary Snyder and @Chris Meriwether @Mallary Snyder Meriwether was that couple. Their June 2018 wedding was the symbol of elegance, style and fun.

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Small But Simple

If you are planning a small intimate wedding, check out Fabi and Ryan’s special day. They are a sweet couple that I photographed in June, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Patrick O’Shea’s Pub.


DSC_3430 copy

Fabi hired a professional hair and makeup artist to get the look, just so… Fabi’s mother and relatives were primping in the same back room.

DSC_3192 copy

DSC_3096 copy

With simple but elegant decorations, in a small but rustic space this wedding is very special.

DSC_3170 copy

DSC_3188 copy

Here the men were able to have a little fun with their time in front of the camera!

DSC_3145 copy

DSC_3153 copy

DSC_3139 copy

Then, no wedding is complete without a few special guests of family and friends.


DSC_3320 copy

DSC_3611 copy

DSC_3639 copy

Check out my website at: http://www.Patricialongmirephotography.com for more wedding galleries of various sized weddings.

We have the best brides and grooms ever!

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Hair…What to think about on your wedding day?

Updo, braided, natural, curly, straight. All of these hair ideas I have seen and I am amazed how wonderfully creative hairstylists can get.

All the photos you see are photos I have taken. I wish I could show you all of them…


Here are some ideas I pulled together from different websites. Enjoy!

HuffingtonPost.com interviewed acclaimed hairstylist Anthony Sorensen about what to do about wedding hair,

“Consider time of year you’re getting married when choosing whether or not to put it up,” Sorensen says. “For humid summer months, it’s probably a good idea to go with an up do. It will stay and you won’t have to worry about it. For dry fall and winter months, it’s better to leave it down.”

DSC_1010 copy

The Knot. com suggests:

“Make a Match

A bride’s hair should complement her gown, not compete with it. The formality of your outfit is key and should dictate the direction you go with your hair. For a chic, modern ensemble like a pant suit or a simply cut dress, either slick back hair or wear it in a sleek blow-out. For country wedding-type looks — peasant dresses, high-waisted frocks, or any other period-influenced cut — either wear your hair in loose curls– maybe sprinkled with small flowers take well to curly hair — or tied it back. Big ball gown style dresses look best with dramatic updos.”

PLP_7932 copy

PLP_5469-Edit copy

Another thought that you might want to take into consideration is whether you will be having an outdoor wedding. Is there a chance it will be windy? Do you want your hair to get in your face or mess with your lipstick?

Do you want your hair to cover up flaws like scars? Does the hairdo accent your face? Also is your hair going to hold for the full day? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Whatever hairstyle you decide on, I am sure people will absolutely love!

Engaged To Be Married…What A Glorious Ride

Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines engagement as..

A promise to meet.

Emotional involvement or commitment

DSC_0723 copy

Leading up to the engagement is emotional….

You might meet online, at a party or through a friend’s introduction. You are vulnerable anywhere!

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It is like a roller coaster of emotions. Meeting, dating, falling in love and then engagement.

Ah…. But it is a strong emotion. Once bitten, love can take you to the tallest peaks. Send you soaring with the eagles.

All I ask is take this time and soak up the rays of love. Plan your wedding together and take your time.

Commitment, think about it, enjoy it. Take a walk in a park, throw leaves at each other, hug and talk. These are ways to get to know each other and fall deeper in love and make your engagement one of the most memorable times in your life.

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Last Minute Preparations For Your Wedding

You have checked off your list:

Dress, Venue, Photographer, Decorations, Music, Tux, Flowers, etc…PLP_9356 copy

However, have you made a last minute list of the little things that need to be done before and after your BIG DAY!! I hope this helps.

USAbrides.com had a helpful list that I wish I had when I was married (here are a few items on that list):

  • Put everything you need for your ceremony and reception in one place and then designate someone to take them to the venue and set them up on wedding day.
  • Figure out who is doing what: Who is helping to seat guests? Who will hand out tip envelopes after the reception? etc..
  • Give a final number of guests to caterer or any wedding vendors that may need a head count. NOTE: Don’t forget meals for other vendors.
  • Create or buy a wedding day emergency kit such as: Clear fingernail polish, mints, needle and thread, scissors, water.
  • Take a walk in your wedding shoes to break them in.

Brides.com says you will need a gofer, to go for everything, you might forget or will need after the wedding.

  1. Make sure everyone is paid, tipped and taken care of.
  2. Have your caterer pack a snack for both of you, because after your reception you will be hungry.
  3. Make sure your go to (gofer) person has called a taxi, bus, van or even Aunt Thelma for every last guest at your reception to get a safe ride home. This will give you peace of mind.
  4. Gofer duty is not complete without making sure all your valuables have a ride back home as well. Things can be left behind such as: cake knife, toasting glasses, gifts, shoes etc..
  5. After the big day make sure your gofer is still active in helping you return tuxes to the rental shop, getting your dress to the dry cleaners and the start to preserving your bouquet.


Candid Photography

Candid Photography definition:  A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved in many ways, for example: when the subject is in motion, by avoiding prior preparation of the subject, … by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.

I, Patricia Longmire, define it a bit differently: Capturing moments that happen in front of the camera of peak emotion. You notice I didn’t say emotion I said PEAK emotion. If you don’t feel something by looking at the photo or someone in the photograph is not feeling something at the moment you take that photo, then you haven’t really captured a peak candid moment.

This photo of Ethan is of him watching his bride walking down the aisle, seeing her for the first time. No he doesn’t pucker his lips normally like this. He is taking a deep breath!

Sometimes the moments are subtle and some are exaggerated.

How do I capture these moments? Anticipation, always being ready and not being afraid of taking that photo of someone crying and getting emotional. But even more important than anything else is I let things happen in front of me without interruption. Many photographers interrupt the moment that is about to happen.

Sometimes you have to be a fly on the wall and sometimes you have to be a director of the people you are photographing. Candid photography happens around you all the time, capture it, record it, and enjoy.

Do you need someone to capture your special moments? Call me, Patricia.

Jen and James Engagement

How do I best describe Jen and James? Fun, happy, thinkers etc… What do I mean by that? Well number 1 they enjoy each other.


#2 They don’t take life for granted. They grab life and run with it.

#3 They love to laugh, kiss and just be beside each other. Not too mushy but just feel each other’s presence.

This couple seems to have it all going for them. These #CherokeePark @Cherokee Park engagement photos show off their personality. Enjoy your #engagement and take a walk.

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