Men’s Wedding Fashion

Wedding day is not only about the women or the bride…. Yes, there is someone else that is very important. The groom and groomsmen. Oh yeah that guy! #mensfashion #mensweddingfashion #tuxes

I am only joking, but in all honesty sometimes we forget how important the men’s fashions are.

According to : “Tuxedos are the traditional choice for a wedding, but over the decades they’ve evolved.” The Men’s Warehouse also says, instead of only black now tuxedos come in various colors and shades like dark or light gray, black, navy. There are various fits ranging from classic to slim. The tuxedo allows a cohesive, polished look for the wedding party.

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A suit is a great choice. A man will have to purchase a suit and that makes the initial cost more expensive, usually. However, a man can use it multiple times for various events in his life, other weddings, funerals, work etc…

According to many tuxedo websites more men are using accessories to show off their personalities. Take Malcolm or Josh in the photos below they used ties, cuff links, handkerchief and socks to show off their personality.

There truly are no rules so have fun, show off your personality and look good for your big day.

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Hair…What to think about on your wedding day?

Updo, braided, natural, curly, straight. All of these hair ideas I have seen and I am amazed how wonderfully creative hairstylists can get. #hairstyles #weddinghairstyles #weddinghair

All the photos you see are photos I have taken. I wish I could show you all of them…


Here are some ideas I pulled together from different websites. Enjoy! interviewed acclaimed hairstylist Anthony Sorensen about what to do about wedding hair,

“Consider time of year you’re getting married when choosing whether or not to put it up,” Sorensen says. “For humid summer months, it’s probably a good idea to go with an up do. It will stay and you won’t have to worry about it. For dry fall and winter months, it’s better to leave it down.”

DSC_1010 copy

The Knot. com suggests:

“Make a Match

A bride’s hair should complement her gown, not compete with it. The formality of your outfit is key and should dictate the direction you go with your hair. For a chic, modern ensemble like a pant suit or a simply cut dress, either slick back hair or wear it in a sleek blow-out. For country wedding-type looks — peasant dresses, high-waisted frocks, or any other period-influenced cut — either wear your hair in loose curls– maybe sprinkled with small flowers take well to curly hair — or tied it back. Big ball gown style dresses look best with dramatic updos.”

PLP_7932 copy

PLP_5469-Edit copy

Another thought that you might want to take into consideration is whether you will be having an outdoor wedding. Is there a chance it will be windy? Do you want your hair to get in your face or mess with your lipstick?

Do you want your hair to cover up flaws like scars? Does the hairdo accent your face? Also is your hair going to hold for the full day? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Whatever hairstyle you decide on, I am sure people will absolutely love!

The Best of Both Worlds. Small Wedding, Larger Reception

This November mountain wedding, near Lexington, was a small quaint ceremony, but the reception in February was larger with more family and friends. Sarah and Neil wanted to go to God’s country, up in the mountains of the Daniel Boone National Forest, to say their vows. #Kentuckywedding #Kymountainwedding #Kentuckymountains #outdoorwedding #mountainwedding

Even though it was cold they enjoyed the clean crisp air that allowed them to take all the elements and add them to their wedding.

From dress and flowers to rings and smiles, everyone had a memorable time.

Sarah and Neil had style and elegance.


He couldn’t take his eyes off her…

Then came the February reception with more beauty  and fun.

Dancing and laughter.

New Albany, Indiana Wedding Fun

Who has been in New Albany, Indiana? This sleepy little river town does know how to have fun, especially when Kelsi and Chris are involved. They were married on April 16, 2016 @CalumetClub and this place has class!

Let me know what you think! Feedback is always a plus for me.

Kelsi, a reserved but beautiful woman, had a group of bridesmaids that were not only beautiful but also fun…

Then there was Chris and his groomsmen. Very polite, kind and fun to be around.

The wedding was beautiful and elegant. The families and wedding party were absolutely wonderful to work for. Here are the rest of the photos from the wedding and reception. Thank you again @ChrisZelli and @KelsiZelli

Wedding Mood Setters…

Have you ever had a certain feeling walking in somewhere like a restaurant, store or even an elevator? I mean really, have you ever been hyped up about something and then suddenly enter somewhere and calm down right away? I bet there was music in the background or a scent that you didn’t even notice. #weddingmusic #scentforweddings #smells #music

Research indicates that music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits. Music can affect the brain and mood by engaging emotion, memory, learning and neuroplasticity and attention.  The link below has more info…                             


Smell is the most sensitive of all the senses. Our noses have as many as 6 million odor detecting cells. International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF) conducted a study that found aromas were able to affect mood by eliciting a muscle relaxing effect, reducing stress. The link below has more info…                                                                                  

So when you are #planningyourwedding remember to set the tune with background music or music that make people dance. Also lots and lots of great scents that set the mood of your wedding. #imgettingmarried #imengaged #heproposed #planningawedding

Oh, by the way, here are a few favorite songs you might want to set the mood for your wedding and reception.

2017 Top Wedding songs according to

  1. All Of Me
  2. Marry You
  3. Thinking Out Loud
  4. A Thousand Years
  5. Ho Hey

Top reception songs for 2016 according to

  1. Uptown Funk
  2. Don’t Stop Believin
  3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  4. Shut Up and Dance
  5. Shake It Off

What has 25 years of experience taught me?

The definition of experience:

The knowledge or skill acquired by experience over a period of time, especially that gained in a particular profession by someone at work. Gaining knowledge.

synonym: skill, knowledge, understanding.


I gained experience through hard knocks in photojournalism. I would get sent out on assignment and be expected to get good photos by only knowing this subject a little time. Another words a quick education.

Example: I would be assigned to go to a school to take photos of a principal that got a special award. In order to get this photo to look interesting I had to ask the principal (who was usually on a tight schedule) a few questions. At the same time I would have to evaluate the way the office, hallways and school looked to see what made the best photo. Then I would also have to evaluate the lighting and backgrounds all to make the photo as interesting to the reader as possible. Oh and I had to make my subject feel comfortable in front of the camera. By the way this had to be done within a few minutes.

I did this day in and day out. Of course all being different assignments with strangers, neighbors, happy, sad or even conflict going on around me. This is called quick observation. I loved doing this because it taught me to pay attention to details of human nature and their environment around them.

I remember an assignment where I had to follow an accused robber walking into the courthouse. We, the media, had to follow him across a busy street with his attorneys in tow and with television cameras getting in my way. Cars honked and came close to the media herd but I still had to get my shot. I was jogging practically sideways, if this is possible, without falling with a camera in my face.  I was probably the shortest of all of the camera people so I chose a low angle. Wow it took the breath out of me afterward. But, I got the shot.

This is experience.

Now I do weddings and other portraiture and I have to do the same thing. The luxury of this is I get to know my subject matter and get a feel for their personality before the big event and I don’t have to jog sideways, most of the time.  However, that experience of hurrying up to get the best shot of the robber plays an important roll in my current photography skills. Being ready at all times.

I attribute it as being a boy or girl scout always being ready. Aiming my camera as if a hunter with his gun or bow, searching  for the best deer or the fattest squirrel.

So when you get a photographer for your wedding or family photo make sure they have experience to capture all those special in between moments. Don’t settle for anything less.

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Fasig-Tipton, Lexington, Ky Wedding

Savannah and Adam were married June 25, 2016 at the Fasig-Tipton in Lexington, Ky. This wedding was exquisite. Adam had some things to learn though from his groomsman, how to tie a tie. Then after dressing they could get down to business of having fun. Then of course there was Savannah…

Wow, Savannah truly was so beautiful and all were overwhelmed.

Then the girls could have some fun…

Adam was so overwhelmed when they had their first look…

The beautiful grounds @Fasig-Tipton brought out the beauty of the warm summer day.

Then the party started.

Then the day waned and the sun set…

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