Men’s Wedding Fashion

Wedding day is not only about the women or the bride…. Yes, there is someone else that is very important. The groom and groomsmen. Oh yeah that guy!

I am only joking, but in all honesty sometimes we forget how important the men’s fashions are.

According to : “Tuxedos are the traditional choice for a wedding, but over the decades they’ve evolved.” The Men’s Warehouse also says, instead of only black now tuxedos come in various colors and shades like dark or light gray, black, navy. There are various fits ranging from classic to slim. The tuxedo allows a cohesive, polished look for the wedding party.

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A suit is a great choice. A man will have to purchase a suit and that makes the initial cost more expensive, usually. However, a man can use it multiple times for various events in his life, other weddings, funerals, work etc…

According to many tuxedo websites more men are using accessories to show off their personalities. Take Malcolm or Josh in the photos below they used ties, cuff links, handkerchief and socks to show off their personality.

There truly are no rules so have fun, show off your personality and look good for your big day.

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Engaged To Be Married…What A Glorious Ride

Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines engagement as..

A promise to meet.

Emotional involvement or commitment

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Leading up to the engagement is emotional….

You might meet online, at a party or through a friend’s introduction. You are vulnerable anywhere!

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It is like a roller coaster of emotions. Meeting, dating, falling in love and then engagement.

Ah…. But it is a strong emotion. Once bitten, love can take you to the tallest peaks. Send you soaring with the eagles.

All I ask is take this time and soak up the rays of love. Plan your wedding together and take your time.

Commitment, think about it, enjoy it. Take a walk in a park, throw leaves at each other, hug and talk. These are ways to get to know each other and fall deeper in love and make your engagement one of the most memorable times in your life.

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What Does Kentucky Mean To You?

Kentucky is flirtatious, she’s as curvy as Marilyn Monroe and will warm your heart yearning to see more. The western boundary is flat and fertile due to the iconic Mississippi River and the northern border curves into the landscape like a beautiful woman because of the Ohio River. The eastern border is the great Appalachia mountains with a vast natural beauty all it’s own. The southern border is invisible and rolls you right into Tennessee. #iloveKentucky #kentucky

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, horses, rock climbing and beautiful women! Well, at least that is what I have always heard.  When traveling abroad people say, oh you’re the home of KFC, The Kentucky Derby and Maker’s Mark. I have heard that the Native Americans who lived here used to call her “The happy hunting grounds” due to its fertility that attracted a wide variety of game.

Yes, we are home to all those things but Kentucky is so much more… Many people get married in Kentucky because it is conveniently located and not too commercialized. She is full of friendly people and couples who love her as if she were their mother. They embrace her and take pride in her. Her hot humid summers hug you and the cool breezes in the winter go through you as if to say, “wake up look at me”.  Weddings are common here, like most other places, but they bring in a certain style that I have been capturing for over 20 years. Horse farms, mountains, bourbon distilleries are just a few places that hold weddings and make them unique to Kentucky.

Come to Kentucky and enjoy her. She is always open. #imengaged #lookingforaweddingphotographer #Patricialongmirephotography #iaminlove #imgettingmarried

What Do You Want In Your Wedding Photographer?

As a wedding photographer I hear a lot… I want 2 photographers, I want my photographer to go to 4 locations before the wedding and then afterwards, go to 2 other locations or I don’t know what I want, etc. etc….. It is a challenge for brides and grooms. I know it is.

That is why I am here. I want to help clear up your thoughts. I can sit down with YOU and iron out the day, to get a better grasp of what YOU are wanting out of me. There is no pushy sales techniques here, just honesty about the way the day will go photographically speaking. I am not a wedding planner, but I am a photographer who wants YOU to be thrilled with your photographs after the event is over. I want YOU to view these photographs 20-30 years from now with your grandchildren in your lap and say this is what grandma and grandpa did on their wedding day. It was one of the happiest days in my life! #happydays #weddingmemories #imgettingmarried #imengaged

Then I want you to proceed in telling the story behind the photographs. Think about it. Think about what YOU want to say about your wedding day. I know some photographers are tempting to hire out. Uncle Bob, Aunt Sue or even a photographer that is flashy and could sell you the moon. But, do you want the moon? Do you want just a few snapshots that may or may not show off all the hard work you put into it?

It’s okay if you do. I am just saying please look at this area (photography) of your wedding thoroughly. There are no do-overs.

If expense is a problem then look at other ways to cut back. Maybe the venue you are looking at is too expensive or maybe your decorations can be simplified. Just don’t settle for any photographer. Because these photos last a lifetime, well actually MANY lifetimes.

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Fasig-Tipton, Lexington, Ky Wedding

Savannah and Adam were married June 25, 2016 at the Fasig-Tipton in Lexington, Ky. This wedding was exquisite. Adam had some things to learn though from his groomsman, how to tie a tie. Then after dressing they could get down to business of having fun. Then of course there was Savannah…

Wow, Savannah truly was so beautiful and all were overwhelmed.

Then the girls could have some fun…

Adam was so overwhelmed when they had their first look…

The beautiful grounds @Fasig-Tipton brought out the beauty of the warm summer day.

Then the party started.

Then the day waned and the sun set…

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Budgeting For Your Perfect Wedding

I know what you want for your wedding. You want a dancing elephant, ice sculptors of you and your fiancée, seafood menu that includes the most expensive foods available. However, how are you going to fund the wedding of your dreams? #imengaged #iamengaged #imgettingmarried #weddingbudget


Here are some words of advice…

  1. Have the talk with your fiancee about what he/she envisions. Have them pick the top 3 things that mean the most to him/her. Do they want a certain food item on the menu, do they want a bar, do they want a certain style tux/dress?
  2. You make a list of your 3 most important things you want in your dream wedding. Put your lists together. There might be similarities which will help in the budget.
  3. Research the typical things needed such as a venue, photographer, caterer, your dress, tux etc. and the costs attributed to them.
  4. Put together a spread sheet of approximately how much all these things will cost.
  5. Once you put these together you can get a good idea of your basic budget.
  6. The next thing is put together a list of extra things that you will need: flowers, band/dj, new shoes, hair and makeup appointments, table arrangements, etc.. Research how much this will add to your costs above and beyond your basic list.
  7. Put these costs together and add 10% to 20% (for extras that may pop up) and this is your budget to go by.
  8. How much are your parents or fiancee’s parents financially willing to help with? Or is there someone else that will help financially?
  9. If you or your fiancee has a job see how much you both can add to the budget each month.
  10. Put these funds in a separate account and stick to this budget.

As my husband told me when I was having a meltdown while planning our wedding:

This event is between God and us and if everything else messes up or doesn’t happen then we will still say “I Do” and get married. That is truly what matters.

I hope this helps.


Oh My! Falling in Love with the Dress!

As long as mankind has been inhabiting the earth so has the history of the wedding dress. The word, “Wedding” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “wedd” that meant is those good ole olden days a man “plithing his troth” entering a legal agreement, which is where we get the term “betrothal.”

The weddings of today are a symbol commitment and love between a man and a woman – the handsome bride and groom. In times of old marriages and weddings alike were more like a business agreement between two families creating a strong alliance. The choice of the wedding dresses, then, were chosen to present the bride’s family as a showcase of who they were in terms of socioeconomic status.

The traditional white wedding dress was not made popular until the mid-1840, it was after Queen Victoria wore a white dress when she wed Sir Albert. The color white symbolizes purity of the bride-to-be soul.

0118 copy

DSC_9368 copy DSC_9713 copy copy

During the 30’s fashion took over creating a new look. Wedding dresses were designed to emphasize the beauty of the brides figure.

0065 copy

DSC_9006 copy copy

BooneThompson wedding July 18, 09 280 b&w copy copy

Bridal fashion will continue to evolve as it’s all in the love of the dress!

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