A Wedding That Didn’t Go As Planned

I thought I would write about a wedding that, even though it didn’t go as planned, turned out to be amazing! Yes this happens. It happens to various people from time to time and Ashley and Joshua was the couple it happened to this past spring. They had planned an outdoor wedding with the Ohio River in the background at the @Louisville Water Company #LouisvilleWaterCompany #LouisvilleWaterTowerPark . A beautiful area that hosts weddings, concerts and other events.

@Ashley Alvey and @Joshua Bonnington on April 22, 2017 woke up to clouds in the sky, a light mist coming down and cool temperatures. Oh and the wind, well let’s just say that if you flew a kite that day you might have ended up on the other side of the Ohio River.

Luckily the water company staff and wedding party were on the ball.  Joshua and the groomsmen started moving chairs, decorum and various other items.  Ashley and her girls started decorating the reception area to make it right for the wedding ceremony. It all came together to make it perfect.

While the couple got ready the tower was full of laughter.

The first touch was adorable… Joshua tried to pull Ashley to his side of the door.

Ashley loved the spiral staircase and the architecture of the building.

Then the ceremony started and brought lots of smiles. It was beautiful.

After the ceremony, even though the chill was still in the air, the rain had stopped and we went outside to do some wedding party photos. It was so fun!


Everyone then went inside to enjoy the reception and warm up a bit. The reception was full of laughter and delight.

I was so happy to be a part of Ashley and Joshua’s day. Thank you again.


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What is True Love?

Can you describe what true love is? Can you put your finger on it? Can you hold it? I have heard songs, read books, read poetry about love. But really no one song or poem describes the whole meaning. Here are some short quotes I found online about love:


“True love comes from the soul and the heart” Lovable Quotes.com

“Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything” #Pinterest

#John Legend song: “All Of Me” is a great description of love.


I have been married for 21 years and I can’t put my finger on my love for him exactly because it is ever moving, flowing or changing.

When I first got married it was the fun and exciting, a lighter than air feeling I had when I was around my husband, Lellan. As we started a family I watched him with our daughter and the care he took when giving her a bath or playing ball with her. He was gentle, kind and oh so loving with her and our younger daughter too. This made my love grow in a different fashion. Of course there has always been laughter. He knows what gets me to laughing especially when I am a bit down. Now after all these years he still accepts me and all my imperfections. I also accept him and his. We are a team that gains strength each day.

I guess love is hard to grab a hold of because it is like water it flows and keeps refreshing whomever drinks it. Our love is hard to grab but we know it is there. A God given love that surrounds us and hugs us even when we don’t necessarily need it. I hope you experience this kind of love during Valentines Day and beyond. Everyone deserves this.


Check Out My New Venture

I am always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. Trying different lighting techniques, poses and just various options photographically. This, I think, keeps me not only marketable but also seeing things in a different way. So here I am in 2018 trying a new and different venture that I think will be exciting for both my customers and myself. What am I talking about? Architectural Photography or Real Estate Photography!

I first started doing a few homes just for fun to help out a local realtor. However, I have grown to love it. I get to see some amazing homes and meet some amazing people while doing this. It is another creative outlet for my mind and believe it or not it helps me with other aspects of my photography.

Go ahead and check out my new website for this venture and if you know of a realtor that needs some help with photographing their homes or a homeowner trying to sell look me up. My website is: PLpropertyphotos.com

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Knowing My Wedding Clients- Tyler and Amber- What a Wonderful Pair

I have to confess, I have known @Tyler Mudd, the groom, for a very long time. He is a friend of my nephew @Jacob Lemieux (a groomsman in the wedding). Tyler has always been the friend that always had a huge smile on his face and lots of energy. I remember he along with my nephew and numerous other boys running through my sister and brother-in-law’s house eating everything in site and running outside with paintball guns on their hip. Being boys through and through.

So when Tyler and @Amber Koch asked me to be their wedding photographer I was thrilled. I didn’t know Amber before the engagement but Amber won me over with her thoughtfulness and intelligence. She is meek and confident. She is just a sweet person who Tyler is so smitten over.

So when July 7, 2017 came Tyler and Amber were emotional. This day was truly a beauty.

Tyler polished up his smile while Amber wiped tears away from her father, when he saw her all dressed in the wedding gown for the first time.

The girls and guys enjoyed their time together. Then came the first look.

Then out came the smiles and laughter among friends and family. Of course Tyler had to have a little fun with the girls. I think I will have to hire the flower girl for all my weddings she was just perfect!!


Amber and Tyler had a dream wedding with a dream reception. The @Driscoll Estates in @Taylorsville, Ky was an amazing place. This place has just about everything a photographer loves. A body of water, beautiful manicured grounds and a large area for the reception. #Driscoll Estates #Imgettingmarried #engaged #imengaged #outdoorwedding #dreamwedding #wedding #Kentuckywedding #Taylorsvillewedding #Louisvillewedding

Thank you Tyler and Amber.


Where To Start With Wedding Planning

Many people get overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding. Others love the challenge. I get asked sometimes, “Where do I start?” “If I hire you out but don’t have a venue does it matter?”  Well, let me help you a bit.

1. Pick out your desired date. If you can’t decide on one date then go with the top 2.

2. Visit numerous venues. (NOTE: number 2 and number 3 can be interchangeable) First look them up online to see what kind of venue you want. Then narrow them down according to your budget and what you’re dream wedding looks like in your mind. Then go visit the finalists.

3. Select a photographer. Number 2 and 3 can be interchangeable if you want. I say this because if you come across a photographer that you can’t do without, you can always sign with them and select the venue later. But, make sure the date is set.


*A special note here. If you are overwhelmed and don’t feel like you can tackle the task of planning a wedding then hire a wedding planner/coordinator. Wedding planners are a great resource because you can rest assured there won’t be anything left behind. Most weddings that I have photographed go off without a hitch if they have a wedding planner.


Then smooth sailing throughout the process.

For more information on tips, weddings I have photographed, venues check out more blog posts from the past on my @PatriciaLongmirePhotography app or Patricialongmirephotography.com website. Also if you see a venue in some of my photos please contact me and I will try to help you.

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Take A Time Out

I am a big fan of U2. I have loved their music since high school. They seem to touch my inner soul with their songs. Especially their older stuff. I am currently listening to the song “Running To Stand Still” again. The title alone can describe me sometimes. I try to get ahead but it seems I just can’t sometimes. The lyrics are actually written about drug addiction but I think it can pertain to our daily lives too. I am not a drug addict but I am addicted to running around, trying to please everyone and not sitting still long enough to really appreciate life. Like the lyrics say in the song: “Run from the darkness in my mind.”

I had a very busy, tiring but enjoyable weekend with 2 wedding shows along with my general life obligations. However, I took time Saturday and Monday to breathe. This is so important for all of us to do for ourselves. Even on your wedding day you can take time and soak up life.


I try to take my couples away for a few minutes to enjoy each other. To talk and hug. To breathe. Here are a few photos that the couples seemed to enjoy taking time out.


Reflecting on life’s moments relaxes you, it puts you in the here and now. It puts life in perspective. So take time for yourself. Put life in order and breathe.

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2017 Candid Moments (Part 2)

Okay I left off last week with some wonderful candid moments however I have more…. Yes More!! #candidweddingmoments #candidmoments #weddingphotojournalism I will describe to you why I personally love these few photos. It’s because of the story behind them.


This, above, is probably one of my favorite candid moments. Why because the bond between grandmother and granddaughter. They both are crying but saying sweet things to each other. The bride and her husband are in the military and are stationed in South Korea and I don’t doubt grandmother is missing her. I wish I had this moment with my grandmother! Treasured moment I am sure.

We decided to put the bride and groom in an old phone booth @TheBrownHotel in Louisville. Then all the sudden the groom put his hand up so we couldn’t see their kiss anymore. Love this little gesture. #privatekiss #imengaged #iminlove #imgettingmarried

These impromptu moments say a lot about Sydney and Christian’s parents. Fun and compassionate.

Shelby and Trey had many emotions that surrounded them. For Trey, (in top left photo) getting his shoes tied proved to be a harder task in a suit then he might have ever thought. I bet Shelby didn’t think she would get to straighten her bridesmaids hair. Then the next small photo Shelby’s mom couldn’t hold back her emotion when seeing Shelby in her dress. Of course Shelby and Trey had a good laugh with the officiant during their ceremony.

Shelby walking down the hall to do her first look with her fiancee’. Emotions welled up.

Shelby and Trey wanted to take a break on 4th Street in downtown Louisville and a photo bomber passed through. Too much fun. I love this street scene.

Well captured candid moments make each person go, oh wow! There are many that has captured my heart and these are only a few. I hope you have enjoyed the 2017 Candid Moments photos. #2017candidphotos #2017weddingcandids