Posing For Your Wedding

One definition of posing is:   Assume a particular attitude or position to be photographed, painted or drawn.

DSC_6560 copy fr

For some this is extremely hard because they think too hard on the pose and THEN they get nervous, THEN they revert to self consciousness. This may ruin what they had intended on doing all along, which was to look as natural as possible.  Well I hope to rest your fears some with this blog. #posingforphotographs #posingonyourweddingday #weddingdayposes #imgettingmarried #imengaged

Here are a few rules that will help you pose when taking your engagement photos or  your wedding day photos:

  1. Practice in front of a mirror before doing a photo shoot. You can do it by yourself or with your fiancee’ This also works by doing selfies.
  2. Get a photographer that you feel comfortable with and can bounce ideas off of.  Plan with your photographer poses you like, so things will flow a bit smoother.
  3. Breathe… No seriously take a deep breath. This helps relax your body.
  4. Relax into the poses that your photographer guides you in doing. Listen to his/her instructions.
  5. Breathe again
  6. Be an actor for the day. Another words feel what is around you. Feel the breeze, smell the smells, think about the here and now.

PLP_2340 2-Edit copy

For instance: I told the bride above to shrug her shoulders as he kisses her ear or neck, (Like she would have done naturally). Then I told him to tickle her with his mouth either on her neck or ear in a playful way. This distracts them, if only for a moment and gets them to talk to each other.

I also constantly tell my subjects to act as if I am not even there.

I then laugh and go on.

If they still don’t feel comfortable I tell them to act as if they were home playing around and were snuggling together. This usually puts them in a place in their mind that is not only realistic but also calming.

NOTE: Some still have problems with certain poses so, I just switch up poses until they feel comfortable. As a photographer my experience tells me that every pose doesn’t always work on everyone. I know when to stop with poses that don’t work. It is important to be able to say, “Let’s change poses” when needed.


This street scene above worked nicely because there were distractions. Sometimes distractions are good and sometimes not.

ABOVE: These are all set up but they have a certain candid feel to them. It is all about comfort and trying to maximize the moments that you are able to.

I also know when to say when.

Some people have a short time they are willing to pose or have a camera in front of them. This means I have to act quickly. They may be nervous or simply have a lot to do.

BELOW: Of course there is nothing better then a good candid that just happens in front of you! So let it flow naturally and it WILL be captured.


A Few Ideas For A Themed Weddings:

#ThemedWeddings have become more popular in recent years and can be very elegant or comical. These themed weddings bring in Hollywood’s elaborate characters to life. #superherowedding #superhero

The first one I am featuring was a super hero theme. They went all out with various decorum, props etc. to make the guests have fun.

Michayla and Ian followed up with making sure the bridal party had an active roll in the fun.

I loved these portraits of them…

Bringing in these elements made the wedding light hearted and fun. Guests were allowed to dress up also…

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding is next.

The Great Gatsby was a book by: F. Scott Fitzgerald that was all about the Roaring Twenties and the glamour and glitz of that time in Long Island, New York. The main fictional character millionaire Jay Gatsby was obsessed with a beautiful woman and he held elaborate parties to attract her.

This wedding had all the glitz and glamour like the movie.

Lauren and Georges loved that the @GardenCourt in @Louisville fit their theme idea of elegance and bling. Feathers and jewels were the ultimate decorations in the wedding.

Below, Lauren had a jewels and feather head dress.

The bridal party was able to dress up in the 1920s attire to complete the look. The men dressed in their finest black and white tuxes complete with bow ties.

Silver and gold was everywhere.

Here are a few more photos you might enjoy of themed weddings…

Tish and Jonathan Outdoor Kentucky Wedding

@Tish Edelen Ross and @Jonathan Ross had an amazing wedding near #NewHavenKentucky in May, 2017. Their wedding was the epitome of a beautiful outdoor #Kentucky country wedding. #imgettingmarried #imengaged #loveconquersall

The skies were threatening rain however the sun popped out and was clear most of the day. The sun wasn’t the only thing that shone. So did Tish and Jonathan. They were ready….Ready to make the commitment of their lives.

But, Tish wanted Dad to have his first look #Dadsfirstlook #dadfirstlook. He was a bit on edge to see his beautiful daughter in her #weddingdress. His nerves changed to tears when he saw her. He even had to wipe tears from her cheek, to assure her that his dedication to her, all these years while growing up, was worth it.

FB First look dad copy

However, dad wasn’t the only one emotional when he first saw Tish.  Jonathan was overcome by emotion too.  #walkingdowntheaisle #groomtears


It is amazing what marriage does for the witnesses. It makes people stop and realize, all is not bad in this world. Some get to reflect on their marriage as the vows are said, some smile at a hope for their future. Love conquers all!

Here are a few more photos that I wanted to share.



Should You Include A Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl?

My experiences in photography, speaking only as an observer, a #flowergirl or #ringbearer adds a degree of cuteness to any wedding. However, I have also observed challenges with some adorable children in certain cases. #weddingplans #imgettingmarried #imengaged #kidsinweddings

Here is a list of things to consider:

  1. Consider the age of the child at the time of your wedding. Usually if they are 3 or older I have found most children are excited and can follow instructions better then if they were younger. There is always exceptions to the rules.
  2. Consider the temperament of the child.  For instance there are some children who throw fits all the time at age 3-5 and then suddenly stop at age 6 while some stop at age 2. Just remember all children have their days, like we adults, of waking up on the wrong side of bed.
  3. Prepare yourself for a child to not cooperate when needed, like not going down the aisle when prompted or crying during the photos. If you are laid back about this it will help tremendously! Example: When I got married my flower girl, my niece, @Kristen Lemieux and the ring bearer, my nephew @Jacob Lemieux , were so adorable. Kristen marched down the aisle like a pro but she was around 5 or 6 years old. Jacob was only 2 or 3 years old and was shy. He went down the aisle, super fast, and ran to his mother (who was one of the bridesmaids). Then he spied his father in the audience and ran to him. We all laughed and went on with no problem. We still talk about that today. Good memories.

If there is time for the child to relax and take a nap or just play with some toys, (down time) the child might not get upset as easily. Think from their perspective, they only have so much energy and they will get pulled on, almost as much as, the the bride and groom. Give them space to play, (time to decompress) and treats to eat. But don’t get too upset if they have a meltdown. It is not the end of the world.

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Wedding Food and What To Choose

Food, I love it! But what does food mean to us, to our family and friends. What does it say to you as a couple?

A favorite quote of mine is:

“One Cannot think well, love well, sleep well, If one has not dined well” Virginia Woolf


I personally am not picky and don’t have allergies or a food intolerance but, I know many are concerned with that in their family so remember the basics…Beef, chicken, fish foods can be a start of how you select your menu. Start with these basics and venture out to the side dishes with your caterer. Many food allergies are based around peanut products, gluten, dairy or shell fish. So you may be able to stay away from some of these products. Most people know what they need to stay away from and will do so accordingly, however it is always good to have your caterer have a list of possible allergy related ingredients at the serving table.

IDEA: I have personally seen a bread stand with various sauces or dips available for guests. These give your guests various choices to select for their appetizers. Also if there is a vegan they might like this as an option.

If you are not concerned about those issues of allergies, and vegetarians then simply select something that your fiancee and you truly enjoy. Barbecue, seafood or even a potato bar can thrill both of you and guests alike.

Food is joy and fellowship so don’t fret around the table. Enjoy!

“Food is our common ground, A universal experience” James Beard



Hello Kentucky, Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown, Bardstown…. Today’s topic Calmness amongst chaos. #calmness #peace

I feel that I need calmness at times of chaos in my life. Nothing new, I know, but do I always give myself the luxury? No not really.

I mean, I might take a few seconds to stop and say either a prayer or to do a few stretches but I need more than that, we all do. So what I propose for whomever is reading this, is to stop for 10 minutes ( and later we will increase this) to appreciate the wonders around you. To fill your life with hope, light and above all spirituality!

I will be quoting, sometimes, various inspiring sayings and I would like for you to read them over and over again so that it inspires and trains your brain into a positive muscle/organ instead of negative. The quote today is from the Bible, just take the words and say them over and over again.


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

DSC_6956 copy

This couple chose to take a few moments from their wedding reception to not only get a few photographs taken but to also

BREATHE! They watched the sunset on their wedding day!! They were so happy to do this.

I encourage everyone to take time, 10 minutes, to BREATHE!!

Men’s Wedding Fashion

Wedding day is not only about the women or the bride…. Yes, there is someone else that is very important. The groom and groomsmen. Oh yeah that guy! #mensfashion #mensweddingfashion #tuxes

I am only joking, but in all honesty sometimes we forget how important the men’s fashions are.

According to Menswarehouse.com : “Tuxedos are the traditional choice for a wedding, but over the decades they’ve evolved.” The Men’s Warehouse also says, instead of only black now tuxedos come in various colors and shades like dark or light gray, black, navy. There are various fits ranging from classic to slim. The tuxedo allows a cohesive, polished look for the wedding party.

DSC_0694 copy


A suit is a great choice. A man will have to purchase a suit and that makes the initial cost more expensive, usually. However, a man can use it multiple times for various events in his life, other weddings, funerals, work etc…

According to many tuxedo websites more men are using accessories to show off their personalities. Take Malcolm or Josh in the photos below they used ties, cuff links, handkerchief and socks to show off their personality.

There truly are no rules so have fun, show off your personality and look good for your big day.

DSC_6755 copy