To See OR Not To See….

To See Or Not To See …. That is the tough question for brides and grooms these days. Should you see your soon to be betrothed before the wedding, for an intimate moment to share together? Should you allow all your guests to be able to share in the special moment where the bride and groom’s eyes meet for the first time that day?

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Experts say that it is an individual decision.

Some couples choose to see each other before the wedding to have a special moment to themselves and let go some of the pre-wedding anxiety. While some want a more dramatic entrance.

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The “First Look” (where the groom sees the bride before the ceremony) started when couples didn’t want to be make their guests wait for the after ceremony photographs to finish. Many weddings are held around lunch or dinner and guests are forced to wait while their stomachs are growling or children are crying. The “First Look” allows guests to go straight from the wedding ceremony into the reception to eat, drink and celebrate the day without having to wait long for the bridal party to arrive to the reception.

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However, many people are traditionalists. Some brides and grooms want to share that special “Wow” moment with their guests. Grooms can see the bride walking down the aisle in that special gown and either drop his jaw in amazement or cry at seeing his beautiful bride. She can react as well, tearing up at the sight of her special man.

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These are things to consider:

1. Do you have older guests or a large amount of children you want photographs with, like grandparents, nieces, uncles etc.?

If so it might be better to do the traditional way so your young and old guests are not having to be at the wedding too early as to wear them out.

2. Do you or your fiancee have high anxiety?

When people have anxiety issues I always recommend to do the “first look” to ease nerves.

3. Do you have a large family that you want photographed?

If you have a large family ask yourself, can everyone get there early enough to take photographs at least 2 hours before the ceremony? If so then you can have the “First Look” as a better option.

4. Can you put out appetizers for guests before the main meal?

After ceremony photographs usually take anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours depending on what the couple wants photographed. If you can have appetizers or drinks for guests then this frees you up to get photographs after the ceremony. Work this out with your photographer and make that decision.

5. What time of day are you wanting photographs taken and are you wanting to go off location to take photographs?

Remember if you take photographs after the wedding and it is dark, this might pose a challenge to your photographer to get those shots you were wanting, with the beautiful gardens in the background. Also, if you are wanting to go off location from your ceremony/reception then you might want to do the “First Look” before the ceremony, due to time restraints.

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Timing is everything so sit back grab a glass of wine and talk it out with your fiancee and family. Then talk it over with your wedding coordinator and photographer. You will be happy you did.

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