Every Face Lights Up!

How GORGEOUS is this wedding story below with Andy and Mandy at their beautiful family estate in Kentucky.

I loved seeing everyone’s face lighting up when the other comes into sight. This is a true sign that this couple was meant to be.

I’m so excited to share the images with all of you. The beautiful bride Mandy, got ready for the big day with mom and her besties at her side. I arrived to see warm smiles and experience the joyous moments as their photographer capturing the moments that will live forever. I loved photographing the details: The flowers, the pearl necklace and the reflection on the water. Her gown was stunning and the green bridesmaid dresses were fresh and beautiful. Andy and his groomsmen were handsome and fun to work with. Each had a smile that I will never forget. These guys knew how to have fun. This spectacular blue grass homestead is such a perfect wedding venue overlooking the water’s edge. The lighting at this country setting was absolutely perfect to capture the love that was in the air. Andy and Mandy were delightful to work with. It was great to meet their family and friends that supported them with love and kindness.

After the ceremony as you will see the party began…great food, great music, great people, but most of having the opportunity to photograph this special day that all of these special moments will live forever.

DSC_2247-4_0x6_0-02A-Q01 DSC_2278-4_0x6_0-24A-Q01 DSC_2337-4_0x6_0-79A-Q01 DSC_2436-4_0x6_0-167A-Q01 DSC_2458-4_0x6_0-192A-Q01 DSC_2525-4_0x6_0-249A-Q01 DSC_2585-4_0x6_0-303A-Q01 DSC_2599-4_0x6_0-313A-Q01 DSC_2699-4_0x6_0-373A-Q01 DSC_2868-4_0x6_0-502A-Q01 DSC_2873-4_0x6_0-508A-Q01 DSC_2946 c-4_0x6_0-560A-Q01 DSC_2966-4_0x6_0-581A-Q01DSC_2967-4_0x6_0-579A-Q01  DSC_3065-4_0x6_0-655A-Q01

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