Small But Simple

If you are planning a small intimate wedding, check out Fabi and Ryan’s special day. They are a sweet couple that I photographed in June, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Patrick O’Shea’s Pub.


DSC_3430 copy

Fabi hired a professional hair and makeup artist to get the look, just so… Fabi’s mother and relatives were primping in the same back room.

DSC_3192 copy

DSC_3096 copy

With simple but elegant decorations, in a small but rustic space this wedding is very special.

DSC_3170 copy

DSC_3188 copy

Here the men were able to have a little fun with their time in front of the camera!

DSC_3145 copy

DSC_3153 copy

DSC_3139 copy

Then, no wedding is complete without a few special guests of family and friends.


DSC_3320 copy

DSC_3611 copy

DSC_3639 copy

Check out my website at: for more wedding galleries of various sized weddings.

We have the best brides and grooms ever!

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