Tips for Wedding Guests

I hear all the time… What do I get the bride and groom? What do I wear to the bachelor/bachelorette party? Do I bring a date to the wedding? What time do I need to arrive to the wedding?

These are valid questions and I did some research to help the stressed out guests!! has a countdown checklist for guests that I thought was helpful. I am going to highlight some of what I think is important.

9+ months before your friends are to be married you might want to purchase an engagement gift for their engagement party.

DSC_6463 copy

DSC_6797 copy

4-6 months before the big day check out the couples wedding website to find out any details you might not be aware of. This is a sample of a website Patricia Longmire Photography offers:

Remember during this time it is a good idea to Book Your Flight and Hotel because flights and hotels fill up quickly!

Purchase a shower gift (if invited) 3-4 months before the wedding.

DSC_7866 copy

Usually two months before the wedding you will receive an invitation so please RSVP to help the couple out!

Now some tips from Glamour Magazine are:

  1. Pay attention to the RSVP deadline – The best thing is to pop the RSVP in the mail as soon as you receive it. This cuts down on forgetting to send it in or it getting lost.
  2. Double check to see if the invitation is addressed to “you and a date” or “to your whole family”. If not the bride and groom might not have an extra place for extra people in your life. If it is listed for you to bring a date then they have included that into their budget.
  3. Ship large gifts to their home to avoid headaches for the family of the bride and groom. It is easy for them to run out of space in their cars so this is something that can be helpful.
  4. Be at the ceremony 20-30 minutes before the wedding to get a good seat.
  5. Make sure your phones are turned off. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as a cell phone going off during a wedding ceremony.

PLP_2560 copy

PLP_2563 copy

I’m going to leave you with a few more photos. Blessings to all and may you be a wonderful, educated guest.

DSC_9248 copy DSC_8014 copy copy DSC_3314 copy copy DSC_2211 copy DSC_0437 copy copy

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