Men’s Wedding Fashion

Wedding day is not only about the women or the bride…. Yes, there is someone else that is very important. The groom and groomsmen. Oh yeah that guy!

I am only joking, but in all honesty sometimes we forget how important the men’s fashions are.

According to : “Tuxedos are the traditional choice for a wedding, but over the decades they’ve evolved.” The Men’s Warehouse also says, instead of only black now tuxedos come in various colors and shades like dark or light gray, black, navy. There are various fits ranging from classic to slim. The tuxedo allows a cohesive, polished look for the wedding party.

DSC_0694 copy


A suit is a great choice. A man will have to purchase a suit and that makes the initial cost more expensive, usually. However, a man can use it multiple times for various events in his life, other weddings, funerals, work etc…

According to many tuxedo websites more men are using accessories to show off their personalities. Take Malcolm or Josh in the photos below they used ties, cuff links, handkerchief and socks to show off their personality.

There truly are no rules so have fun, show off your personality and look good for your big day.

DSC_6755 copy



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