Washington County -Country Wedding

Natalie and Scott were married in June of 2015 behind a log cabin where they both have hunted and enjoyed family gatherings. This Washington County farm and log cabin has been in Natalie’s family for generations.

DSC_1174 copy

This farm makes them feel closer to each other, it gives them peace. It allows them to breathe after the hurried life they live from day to day.

Special touches: Natalie made her bouquet from broaches she had collected from friends and family. Each broach had a special meaning to remind her of the people, past and present, in her life. She wore boots and even bought some boots for her grandfather. All to keep with that special country theme.

Then there was the first look. They wanted a special spot in the woods to have that special moment….

DSC_1094 copyDSC_1099 copyDSC_1112 copy

This wonderful couple had a unique wedding that was so peaceful.

Thank you Natalie and Scott!

DSC_1361 copy

Fun fact about Natalie and Scott:

They so love to hunt, that even while we were doing their engagement photos, on the farm, they heard a wild turkey! It got their attention so much that they went hunting for it after the photo session was over. (Of course they brought extra clothing and gear, just in case.)

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