A Special Gift For The Bride

I have seen many weddings, no one is under more stress than the bride. I mean really, the groom does plenty and is under stress but doesn’t usually organize the event much.  Parents of the bride are stressed too, but all eyes are on the bride. She has to look and act a certain way. She is also under all sorts of pressures to make the day special for everyone including her guests.


Some of the pressures can be taken off of her by having wonderful bridesmaids and parents. A simple hug, smile or a few words of encouragement could be all she needs.

A personal gift is what Emily received. A note from each of her bridesmaids which was put then into a folder. But, even as special as that gift was, she was given time to read some of the notes.

Then there was Hope, who just simply got caught up in the moment when she first saw herself in her wedding gown… Her bridesmaids immediately took action and started fanning her while another fetched a tissue for her.


These are the sorts of things needed for the bride.

So take the job of friend, bridesmaid, mother, father or groom seriously to help the bride on her big day. You may need that help someday as well!


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