Some 2016 Favorite Wedding Photos

From crying to laughing 2016 was full of emotions. #Iammarried #married

Below Reagn, middle, cries tears of joy while hugging her friends after saying her vows. Reagn married her partner Chas after being together for many years.


These are some favorite actual wedding photos that I took in 2016.  This past year turned out to be a great year for many reasons. One reason was over 20 couples, that I was witness to, were able to say #Ido to each other and fulfill a dream. Whether the weather was hot and muggy, rainy or cool it didn’t matter they were the happiest people in the world. #Kentuckywedding #Kentuckyweddings

Below Lynne, in blue, waves to guests while walking back up the aisle after her daughter’s ceremony. Joyous laughter could be heard a lot this year by many. Whitney, the bride lifting her dress up below, laughs after kids try to slide underneath her dress.

Laughter was witnessed while dancing first dances, catching the bouquet along with other times during the ceremony or reception.#iamengaged #imgettingmarried #lookingforaphotographer #weddingphotographer  #iamgettingmarried

Below Savannah’s mother cried when seeing her daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. #weddingdress #tears Then there were special details that people wanted in their wedding, like a hummingbird pin on Alex’s lapel or superhero shirts under the tux’s of Michael and his groomsmen.

I could go on and on about the special stories that surround these photos. Some couples had a special themed wedding, while others went simple with very few decorations or added details. They all showed a different personality that shined through for their big day. #dreamwedding #Kentuckyengagement

NOTE: There were so many favorites that I am going to have divide these posts into 2 different halves. So look for next week to be a continuation more 2016 favorite photos.


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