Griffin Gate Wedding: Lexington, Ky

This featured wedding of Kristen and DJ turned out perfect. #GriffinGate was the perfect venue for these two love birds. #2016wedding #imengaged #iamengaged


Kristen had it all planned the way she wanted… Girlfriends, dress, flowers, family, hair and makeup, all ready. By the way she made her own bouquets! #DIYbouquets #DIYweddingbouquet

Her uniqueness shined through…

Then there was DJ who showed off his tux with his groomsmen.

Then he saw his love… #firstlook #imgettingmarried #Wow for the first time.

Excitement grew all day and they said their #Idos #Ido

Then the sun set and the moon rose.

Kristen and DJ had an amazing day. Thanks to Griffin Gate and family. All went well.

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