Engagement Photos Why?

The other day I had a consultation with a couple about their upcoming wedding. They had lots of questions about the wedding packages that I offer, as most people do. However, one question stuck out as different and I felt a blog post coming over me! Oh NO! LOL. Please let me know your opinion. #imengaged #engagementphotos #igotaring #imgettingmarried #engagementphotography #engagementphotographer

The question was: “Why would we need engagement photos? ”

I answered: “For many reasons… First, you can display these photos at your reception as centerpieces or in an album for guests to look at. Second, this might be the first time you have had professional photos taken since your engagement, or this might be the first and last time, before your wedding, to have professional photos taken in plain clothing. Third some people like displaying photos of themselves in their home both in their wedding attire as well as plain clothes after it is all said and done.

Another reason I really like having an engagement session is I get to know my couples better and they in turn get to know me better too. This also teaches them how to pose and which poses work better for them. As well as, I am able to see how loose they feel in front of the camera. If they are stiff I learn how to loosen them up. It is sort of like a trial run.

Probably more importantly, it gives them time with one another. Without all the hassles of the outside world.” It is amazing, when they arrive at my studio or the location where we are to take the photos, they are tense, nervous and in a hurry up mood. After they leave they are hugging a bit more, holding hands, laughing and just plain relaxed.

Let me know if you enjoyed your engagement session, even if you are married now. I can tell you about mine over 20 years ago if you want!… But first I want to hear from you.

Thank you Brandon and Courtney for allowing me to use these engagement photos of you. Oh and they were happily married October 1, 2016, living in Bardstown. Here are a few of their wedding photos below.

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