Wedding Mood Setters…

Have you ever had a certain feeling walking in somewhere like a restaurant, store or even an elevator? I mean really, have you ever been hyped up about something and then suddenly enter somewhere and calm down right away? I bet there was music in the background or a scent that you didn’t even notice. #weddingmusic #scentforweddings #smells #music

Research indicates that music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits. Music can affect the brain and mood by engaging emotion, memory, learning and neuroplasticity and attention.  The link below has more info…                             


Smell is the most sensitive of all the senses. Our noses have as many as 6 million odor detecting cells. International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF) conducted a study that found aromas were able to affect mood by eliciting a muscle relaxing effect, reducing stress. The link below has more info…                                                                                  

So when you are #planningyourwedding remember to set the tune with background music or music that make people dance. Also lots and lots of great scents that set the mood of your wedding. #imgettingmarried #imengaged #heproposed #planningawedding

Oh, by the way, here are a few favorite songs you might want to set the mood for your wedding and reception.

2017 Top Wedding songs according to

  1. All Of Me
  2. Marry You
  3. Thinking Out Loud
  4. A Thousand Years
  5. Ho Hey

Top reception songs for 2016 according to

  1. Uptown Funk
  2. Don’t Stop Believin
  3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  4. Shut Up and Dance
  5. Shake It Off

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