Hair…What to think about on your wedding day?

Updo, braided, natural, curly, straight. All of these hair ideas I have seen and I am amazed how wonderfully creative hairstylists can get. #hairstyles #weddinghairstyles #weddinghair

All the photos you see are photos I have taken. I wish I could show you all of them…


Here are some ideas I pulled together from different websites. Enjoy! interviewed acclaimed hairstylist Anthony Sorensen about what to do about wedding hair,

“Consider time of year you’re getting married when choosing whether or not to put it up,” Sorensen says. “For humid summer months, it’s probably a good idea to go with an up do. It will stay and you won’t have to worry about it. For dry fall and winter months, it’s better to leave it down.”

DSC_1010 copy

The Knot. com suggests:

“Make a Match

A bride’s hair should complement her gown, not compete with it. The formality of your outfit is key and should dictate the direction you go with your hair. For a chic, modern ensemble like a pant suit or a simply cut dress, either slick back hair or wear it in a sleek blow-out. For country wedding-type looks — peasant dresses, high-waisted frocks, or any other period-influenced cut — either wear your hair in loose curls– maybe sprinkled with small flowers take well to curly hair — or tied it back. Big ball gown style dresses look best with dramatic updos.”

PLP_7932 copy

PLP_5469-Edit copy

Another thought that you might want to take into consideration is whether you will be having an outdoor wedding. Is there a chance it will be windy? Do you want your hair to get in your face or mess with your lipstick?

Do you want your hair to cover up flaws like scars? Does the hairdo accent your face? Also is your hair going to hold for the full day? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Whatever hairstyle you decide on, I am sure people will absolutely love!


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