A Few Ideas For A Themed Weddings:

#ThemedWeddings have become more popular in recent years and can be very elegant or comical. These themed weddings bring in Hollywood’s elaborate characters to life. #superherowedding #superhero

The first one I am featuring was a super hero theme. They went all out with various decorum, props etc. to make the guests have fun.

Michayla and Ian followed up with making sure the bridal party had an active roll in the fun.

I loved these portraits of them…

Bringing in these elements made the wedding light hearted and fun. Guests were allowed to dress up also…

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding is next.

The Great Gatsby was a book by: F. Scott Fitzgerald that was all about the Roaring Twenties and the glamour and glitz of that time in Long Island, New York. The main fictional character millionaire Jay Gatsby was obsessed with a beautiful woman and he held elaborate parties to attract her.

This wedding had all the glitz and glamour like the movie.

Lauren and Georges loved that the @GardenCourt in @Louisville fit their theme idea of elegance and bling. Feathers and jewels were the ultimate decorations in the wedding.

Below, Lauren had a jewels and feather head dress.

The bridal party was able to dress up in the 1920s attire to complete the look. The men dressed in their finest black and white tuxes complete with bow ties.

Silver and gold was everywhere.

Here are a few more photos you might enjoy of themed weddings…

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