Knowing My Wedding Clients- Tyler and Amber- What a Wonderful Pair

I have to confess, I have known @Tyler Mudd, the groom, for a very long time. He is a friend of my nephew @Jacob Lemieux (a groomsman in the wedding). Tyler has always been the friend that always had a huge smile on his face and lots of energy. I remember he along with my nephew and numerous other boys running through my sister and brother-in-law’s house eating everything in site and running outside with paintball guns on their hip. Being boys through and through.

So when Tyler and @Amber Koch asked me to be their wedding photographer I was thrilled. I didn’t know Amber before the engagement but Amber won me over with her thoughtfulness and intelligence. She is meek and confident. She is just a sweet person who Tyler is so smitten over.

So when July 7, 2017 came Tyler and Amber were emotional. This day was truly a beauty.

Tyler polished up his smile while Amber wiped tears away from her father, when he saw her all dressed in the wedding gown for the first time.

The girls and guys enjoyed their time together. Then came the first look.

Then out came the smiles and laughter among friends and family. Of course Tyler had to have a little fun with the girls. I think I will have to hire the flower girl for all my weddings she was just perfect!!


Amber and Tyler had a dream wedding with a dream reception. The @Driscoll Estates in @Taylorsville, Ky was an amazing place. This place has just about everything a photographer loves. A body of water, beautiful manicured grounds and a large area for the reception. #Driscoll Estates #Imgettingmarried #engaged #imengaged #outdoorwedding #dreamwedding #wedding #Kentuckywedding #Taylorsvillewedding #Louisvillewedding

Thank you Tyler and Amber.


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