Budgeting For Your Perfect Wedding

I know what you want for your wedding. You want a dancing elephant, ice sculptors of you and your fiancée, seafood menu that includes the most expensive foods available. However, how are you going to fund the wedding of your dreams? #imengaged #iamengaged #imgettingmarried #weddingbudget


Here are some words of advice…

  1. Have the talk with your fiancee about what he/she envisions. Have them pick the top 3 things that mean the most to him/her. Do they want a certain food item on the menu, do they want a bar, do they want a certain style tux/dress?
  2. You make a list of your 3 most important things you want in your dream wedding. Put your lists together. There might be similarities which will help in the budget.
  3. Research the typical things needed such as a venue, photographer, caterer, your dress, tux etc. and the costs attributed to them.
  4. Put together a spread sheet of approximately how much all these things will cost.
  5. Once you put these together you can get a good idea of your basic budget.
  6. The next thing is put together a list of extra things that you will need: flowers, band/dj, new shoes, hair and makeup appointments, table arrangements, etc.. Research how much this will add to your costs above and beyond your basic list.
  7. Put these costs together and add 10% to 20% (for extras that may pop up) and this is your budget to go by.
  8. How much are your parents or fiancee’s parents financially willing to help with? Or is there someone else that will help financially?
  9. If you or your fiancee has a job see how much you both can add to the budget each month.
  10. Put these funds in a separate account and stick to this budget.

As my husband told me when I was having a meltdown while planning our wedding:

This event is between God and us and if everything else messes up or doesn’t happen then we will still say “I Do” and get married. That is truly what matters.

I hope this helps.



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