What is Happiness to YOU??

Today’s blog is a question, a loaded question and I would like you to stop and think about your answer before you give it to me….

What is happiness to YOU?

You can write a lot or a little. You can write a list or sentences. But list the top 3 things that make you happy. Mine are below…

God is a number 1. God gave me all the things below plus more. He’s in the light, in the darkness, in my family, in my photos and in me.

Second on my list is my family! My husband Lellan Barlow, Jr. and daughters Alex and Anna Jean. But I have my parents, my in-laws, my sisters and their families etc… that make me happy too.

Third on the happiness list, is my photographic ability. This allows me to see God, to see light and darkness, to be a witness to life. This love educates me, gives me windows into others lives and most of all allows me to make people happy.

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