Where Do You Start With Planning Your Wedding?

Many people I have met through the years have told me, “I don’t even know where to start” (when planning a wedding). There are so many things to do. Choosing a date, picking a venue, choosing colors, choosing who will be in the wedding, and then there are all the different vendors.  Photographer, videographer, caterer, planner, florist, etc… Oh my!!


Well here is what many people do when starting to plan their wedding.

I always use the ole journalism questions! Who?, What?, When? and Where?

1. Who? You know who is getting married, but do you have a guess (just an estimate) of how many you will invite? Later on you will get down to the nitty gritty as to exact numbers. But, you can guess approximately how many you’ll invite and get a round figure.

2. When? Date – Pick a date that means something. It could be, just the fact you want to have a summer wedding or you want a date that you and your fiance’ met. Whatever the reason this helps to go forward in your planning. NOTE:  I have seen some have 2 different dates as to have a bit more flexibility for their vendors.


3. Where? Venue: Choose a venue that you know is right for you and your fiance’ There are many beautiful venues but don’t get caught up with just beauty. Think about the seating arrangements, think about the way the day will play out in your head, as far as, how everyone, in the wedding party, will be getting dressed. Also if you’re on a tight budget think about how much the cost is to decorate the place.

4. What? What is the most important vendors to you and your fiance’:

Wedding coordinator, photographer, videographer, baker, caterer, bartender, dress shop, tuxedo rental, hair dresser, makeup artist etc… Decide on what will last forever and go from there.

Most people usually think of the photographer next. Why, because photography lasts forever. It is something that you will have to look back on and show off to others for years to come. It will bring up memories of how you felt that day. So don’t skimp on things that mean a lot to you.

Always remember, if you get a little nervous or anxious, this wedding will happen as long as you and your fiance’ can say ‘I Do’ !

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