Some Real Wedding Favorites

Everything I show you all in photographs are real wedding photos. What does that mean? Well it means it is NOT a model shoot or a FAKE wedding recreation. I think there have been a couple of times that I have done model shoots but I have been honest with you and told you that they were.

I truly believe in being honest with you and showing you the actual weddings I have photographed so you can get an idea of style and purpose of my photographs. I strive to make each wedding unique and fun. Each couple to me has a different personality and flare. When searching for a #weddingphotographer do you want your photos to look like the ones you see on a website or do you want something unique and stylish to fit your personality. Here are a few sneak peek photos, of the couples, for my September, 2018 brides and grooms.

PLP_0699 logo

September 8, 2018 Julie Hering and @Philip Meade (both above and below) In @Lexington, Ky photos and reception @SignatureClub Wedding ceremony held @Crestwood Christian Church

PLP_0655 copy

September 22, 2018 @Jennesy McConnell and @James Tsimekles (below)

PLL_7890 copy

@St.Mary’s in @NewAlbany, Indiana. Reception @theCalumetClub (above and below)

PLL_7909 logo

@Michelle Mattingly and @Trey Spalding (below)

PLL_9055-Edit logo

Wedding and reception on a farm @Howardstown, Ky

#1 PLL_9296-Edit copy logo

Howardstown is near @New Haven, Ky and near @Bardstown

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