Flower Power and more…

Personally, this Kentucky girl loves many different flowers and plants, with their different textures, colors and shapes. I am amazed at what God has given us. Some of these Kentucky weddings that I have been fortunate enough to photograph have blown my mind with the creativity of the decorum. From boutonnieres, bouquets to table toppers and door hangings. The options are many.

PLP_1169 copy

However, where do you start? What colors do you want? What mood are you setting? These may be questions your florists might ask you on your first meeting.

PLL_1342 copy

The research shows that a good place to start is a color palette. I liked Pantone’s website to find color schemes that might help you. You pick a color and they will pick other colors that blend or match.

They have another website that is specifically made for events you may want to plan.     http://www.dessy.com

Here are 3 main starting points that http://www.Bridalguide.com has for brides and grooms who want that perfect look:

PLP_2521 copy PLL_1339 copy

  1. Budget- Most brides and grooms allow 3% of their total budget for flowers and decor. It’s okay if you don’t have much to spend most floral designers can work with your allotted budget.
  2. Numbers – Determine quantities of bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding party, as well as, how many family members are in need of flowers. Don’t forget to add in the flowers you will decorate with.  This will help in determining which flowers you will get due to costs.
  3. Your style – First, find out what general look you want, romantic, lavish, simple, crafty, etc… Gather photographs of floral designs you like as well as colors. The color scheme should play off the bridesmaids dresses, invitations or the interior of the reception space.

DSC_0791 copyThe above arrangement is made of various broaches that the bride collected from family to make it extra special.  PLP_0866 copy

Various hues of pink was a theme throughout this wedding and reception.   

Whenever choosing your flowers or decorations remember textures, size, colors and the season of your wedding. Check out websites like Pinterest.com, http://www.brides.com, or http://www.weddingwire.com

A DSC_0910 copy copy

Happy Decorating!!

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