Planning A Wedding? Let’s Talk Top 5

Are you planning a wedding? Let’s talk about the top 5 things you need to do to start planning your dream wedding.


Dream weddings don’t just occur at the blink of the eye. It takes time and lots of thought and perspiration to make it happen. Also it takes professionals to help you get it right. Here is a usual checklist that may help you find what you’re looking for…

1. Date: Find a date that you and your fiance’ like. He may not like the heat so you may want to plan the wedding either in spring, fall or winter. You may not like spring because your allergies effect you a lot. So plan your wedding either in the fall or winter. These little things can help both of you be comfortable.

2. Place: Find a place that suits your theme, personality or budget. It may be your back yard that you love the most. Or it may be that gorgeous Victorian home that sits in the middle of town. Either way pick what suits you best. Then make sure it is in your budget and will hold the amount of people you think you want to come.

3. Who are you inviting?: Do a loose count of who you would like to invite and write the names down. This will help with #2, but, will also get you to start thinking about how to plan this dream wedding. This is not a set in stone list, just a general one.


4. Photographer, Videographer, Wedding Planner: Okay you already have me as your photographer, right?  No really research all the above. If you decide to get a wedding planner look around. There are many to choose from. However, ask important questions like: What do you do throughout the year and on the day of?, Do you have staff that come that day or are you coming that day? etc… A great place to start if you are in the #LouisvilleKy area is #LouisvilleWeddingNetwork They are a reliable group of wedding professionals and are all local to the area.

A photographer and videographer are two very personal vendors you will need to feel your way through. Make sure they show you real wedding photography/footage. Make sure they have experience. Also make sure they are easy to work with. I can only speak for myself but there have been many people that were hard to get along with (in my 27 years of taking photos), however, I have been very patient with each and every one. Why because many people are just nervous and want the best for their wedding. Most people listen and have a tendency of calming down, after realizing I know what I am doing. These images/video lasts lifetime(s). So hire the right people.

Go to wedding shows as well as online to find true professionals. But be careful… Meet with them personally to get a feel for them, when possible.

5. Find out who will be in your wedding. Talk to your fiance’ about who is most important in their lives. Then think long and hard about how large you want the wedding party to be. Oh and don’t forget about the ring bearer and flower girl along with ushers and someone to hand out programs. These people may be of importance to how your dream wedding comes together.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding that fulfills your dream of a lifetime.

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