Camera and Lenses

Okay I have been a photographer for over 25 years (oh that sounds old) but I assure you that this experience makes a difference. Now the question is, does a camera make a difference? Well it can make a BIG difference if you are a seasoned professional like myself. I am #Nikonpro #Nikon user and other companies like Canon, Sony, etc. work great, but I can only speak about my Nikon cameras and lenses. I shoot with 2 Nikon 810s and a Nikon D700. These cameras are very versatile and can push photography to the limits. Like the photo below it was taken after the sun had set and very little light was available. However, I was still able to handhold this camera, on the move, going down the hill still incorporating the cross into the photo, without blur.


I shoot about 99% of my photos on manual mode and this gives me the versatility needed to get the photos I want.  Now could I do the same work with other cameras? Sure, however if I want the versatility, consistency and quality needed to do weddings I recommend a professional camera. Yes I use my iPhone for many things and yes the technology is getting better and yes there are less expensive models on the market, but again the versatility makes me happier.


I mean look at the details in the photo above. Not only can you see the reflection clearly but also each hair on this man’s head. I shot this photo this way and even if I wanted to crop on just the reflection of the groom, I could, because of the high quality camera and lens. The detail is amazing.


This room above (I did do a Photoshop warming filter) was perhaps one of the darkest rooms I have experienced in years. But I still got the shot!

Now that I have done Nikon a favor by bragging about their cameras, now I will brag about their lenses. Sharpness is the answer. Clear, sharp, high end glass is what we called it in the photojournalism realm. Nikon is known for their glass. I always buy the brightest lenses I can afford. Usually with the F-stop of 2.8. This way I have the ability to get the short depth of field or the most light, in most any circumstances, possible. The photo above and below were shot at F 2.8. #F2.8


This couple had a beautiful location however the background had stores and a busy road that congested the photo. So in order for the background to go out of focus I used my high end lenses to cut out all the congestion. Now we have a clean background and can focus on my couple.

I know if you are starting out #phtoobeginner you might not be able to afford a high end camera so just buy what you can afford, but get the most bang for your money. Get better lenses if you can then work your way up the camera scale.

If you are wanting to view more photos of mine go to my website: Check out the galleries but also my blog posts. Best of luck with your camera!


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