Shoes On Your Wedding Day

I must confess I don’t wear high heels anymore. The main reason I don’t wear them is because of the flexibility of climbing ladders, walking on soggy ground or just simply being on my feet, for many hours, at a time with an extra 20-30 pounds on my back. But, if you are a bride who loves heels or a groom who has to wear dress shoes read the rest of this article….

Take these things into consideration:

1. If you must wear dress shoes stretch them out. Wear them days before the wedding. This will help tremendously.

2. Bring bandages in case of blistering during the day.

3. Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the reception. This will give your feet a break.

4. Last resort just wear comfortable shoes during the wedding!

Simple ideas, but remember, your feet is your foundation. If they hurt you will be in pain all day and will not enjoy the day as much as you think. I have had lots of experience watching brides and grooms (along  with people in the wedding party) be in agonizing pain due to uncomfortable shoes. They usually take the shoes off eventually to free their feet.

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