Nervous or Anxious About Planning Your Wedding?

Anxiety and nervousness is part of planning your wedding. But, it doesn’t have to take over your life. You should have some fun in the planning your wedding and here’s how.


  1.  Learn yoga, meditation or prayer. I say this in all honesty. When you know how to do any of these or all, then you will have something to turn to when you feel those muscles tensing up and anxiety rising.
  2. Learn how to say “no”. If only I had learned that when I was engaged, life would have been so much easier. When you don’t want to do something say “no”. When you are being pressured into buying something you don’t want say “no”. Say no to your family or friends too. They won’t get their feelings hurt and you will feel better too.
  3. Remember not everything is going to go perfect and deal with it. I don’t mean to sound harsh but something will go wrong. It might be something small like your ring bearer not walking down the aisle when you want him to on wedding day. That happened to me and it is a great story 22 years later. My nephew laughs at the story every time it’s brought up.
  4. Let others help. It is hard to ask for help. I know you don’t want to ask people because everyone is so busy. However, many people are willing and want to help but they just don’t know how. It’s okay. Let them. You will get closer to those people and you’ll enjoy their company when you get together and do the tasks at hand.

Laugh and enjoy your engaged time. It should be fun and exciting. I loved the time planning my wedding and whenever I got nervous I just said a prayer or vented to a family member. It’s all good!! #wedding #planningawedding #photolux #photoluxstudio #engaged #engagement #engagedtobemarried #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #portraitphotographer #ottawaportraitphotographer #ottawaphotographer #ottawaweddingphotographer #ottawawedding #newlyengaged #soontobemrandmrs #mrandmrstobe #isaidyes #shesaidyes #isaidyestotheman #love #happiness #loveofmylife #winterengagement #winterbliss #weddingplanning #weddingcountdown #fashion #greenhouse #aquatopia #engaged #engagement

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