What Does Kentucky Mean To You?

Kentucky is flirtatious, she’s as curvy as Marilyn Monroe and will warm your heart yearning to see more. The western boundary is flat and fertile due to the iconic Mississippi River and the northern border curves into the landscape like a beautiful woman because of the Ohio River. The eastern border is the great Appalachia mountains with a vast natural beauty all it’s own. The southern border is invisible and rolls you right into Tennessee. #iloveKentucky #kentucky

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, horses, rock climbing and beautiful women! Well, at least that is what I have always heard.  When traveling abroad people say, oh you’re the home of KFC, The Kentucky Derby and Maker’s Mark. I have heard that the Native Americans who lived here used to call her “The happy hunting grounds” due to its fertility that attracted a wide variety of game.

Yes, we are home to all those things but Kentucky is so much more… Many people get married in Kentucky because it is conveniently located and not too commercialized. She is full of friendly people and couples who love her as if she were their mother. They embrace her and take pride in her. Her hot humid summers hug you and the cool breezes in the winter go through you as if to say, “wake up look at me”.  Weddings are common here, like most other places, but they bring in a certain style that I have been capturing for over 20 years. Horse farms, mountains, bourbon distilleries are just a few places that hold weddings and make them unique to Kentucky.

Come to Kentucky and enjoy her. She is always open. #imengaged #lookingforaweddingphotographer #Patricialongmirephotography #iaminlove #imgettingmarried

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