Tish and Jonathan Outdoor Kentucky Wedding

@Tish Edelen Ross and @Jonathan Ross had an amazing wedding near #NewHavenKentucky in May, 2017. Their wedding was the epitome of a beautiful outdoor #Kentucky country wedding. #imgettingmarried #imengaged #loveconquersall

The skies were threatening rain however the sun popped out and was clear most of the day. The sun wasn’t the only thing that shone. So did Tish and Jonathan. They were ready….Ready to make the commitment of their lives.

But, Tish wanted Dad to have his first look #Dadsfirstlook #dadfirstlook. He was a bit on edge to see his beautiful daughter in her #weddingdress. His nerves changed to tears when he saw her. He even had to wipe tears from her cheek, to assure her that his dedication to her, all these years while growing up, was worth it.

FB First look dad copy

However, dad wasn’t the only one emotional when he first saw Tish.  Jonathan was overcome by emotion too.  #walkingdowntheaisle #groomtears


It is amazing what marriage does for the witnesses. It makes people stop and realize, all is not bad in this world. Some get to reflect on their marriage as the vows are said, some smile at a hope for their future. Love conquers all!

Here are a few more photos that I wanted to share.



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