Nervous, Anxious Typical Feelings Planning A Wedding. Let Me Help

I have been told by many that my calm demeanor helped them on their wedding day. Some have had problems with various vendors and have come to me to either vent or to get help. Now I am not saying this happens often, but when it does I try to help. I am not a wedding planner or dj but I can either get help or try to guide the bride/groom in the right direction.


I leave the professional to know what to do so I don’t get involved unless needed. One time years ago I had a bride that was uncomfortable with one of her vendors. She came to me venting about this vendor not doing the job she wanted. I told the bride to remember this is her wedding and we are there to help her to get what she wants. That gave the bride more confidence to straighten out the situation, to talk to the vendor about what she wanted. All turned out better and there wasn’t the hard feelings between the parties.



Another time about 5 years ago a bride/groom was not very happy with the dj and how they treated them. They were venting to me and I said look who paid for whom? Who is the boss here? Talk to this dj and tell them that you wanted faster paced music after the first dances or they will not be reviewed in a good light

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