How to feel more comfortable in front of the camera

People tell me all the time… I don’t like having my picture taken.

I always say, I completely understand, I don’t either. That is the truth!

Not all of us look like the next America’s Top Model or a movie star, but we sure can look our best. The way we do this is to think about why we are getting the photographs taken.

Dadisman family
The Dadisman family. Fun fun fun!!

Are we having family photographs taken because our children are growing up?

Luna fin copy starsFun photos like this mixed media photo of baby Luna show off her beauty.

Are we having photographs taken because it is a monumental time in our life like senior portraits or our wedding day?

New Hope, Kentucky wedding
New Hope, Kentucky wedding

PLP_9610Photography is a record, a way to preserve a moment in time. It truly is a statement of who you are or who you want to be. Remember this is a record for future generations to go back and say, “Oh grandma look, I have your eyes!” “Look how beautiful you looked on your wedding day”.

These are a few tips on helping you on portrait day.

1. Keep in mind who you are doing this for? That surely will bring a smile to your face.

2. Surround yourself with people you love and it will take your mind off the task at hand. This always helps with tension.

3. Make sure your photographer makes you feel comfortable by ironing out a plan of the photo shoot. Such as, where the photographs will be taken, who will be in the photographs, what outfits to bring and when.

4. Most of all make sure the photographer knows what you are wanting. Communicate and you will feel more comfortable.

5. Make sure you are hiring a professional photographer not a picture taker who happens to have a camera. A professional knows how to get the best angles, lighting and moments. So trust a professional.

I personally like to joke, a bit, with my clients, because this always lightens the mood, as well as extinguishes nerves. I ask a lot of questions so I can get the best photographs possible for my clients. It is not about me, it is about you, as a client. You are a special person, unique to everyone so lets show off that personality!

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Flower Power and more…

Personally, this Kentucky girl loves many different flowers and plants, with their different textures, colors and shapes. I am amazed at what God has given us. Some of these Kentucky weddings that I have been fortunate enough to photograph have blown my mind with the creativity of the decorum. From boutonnieres, bouquets to table toppers and door hangings. The options are many.

PLP_1169 copy

However, where do you start? What colors do you want? What mood are you setting? These may be questions your florists might ask you on your first meeting.

PLL_1342 copy

The research shows that a good place to start is a color palette. I liked Pantone’s website to find color schemes that might help you. You pick a color and they will pick other colors that blend or match.

They have another website that is specifically made for events you may want to plan.

Here are 3 main starting points that has for brides and grooms who want that perfect look:

PLP_2521 copy PLL_1339 copy

  1. Budget- Most brides and grooms allow 3% of their total budget for flowers and decor. It’s okay if you don’t have much to spend most floral designers can work with your allotted budget.
  2. Numbers – Determine quantities of bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding party, as well as, how many family members are in need of flowers. Don’t forget to add in the flowers you will decorate with.  This will help in determining which flowers you will get due to costs.
  3. Your style – First, find out what general look you want, romantic, lavish, simple, crafty, etc… Gather photographs of floral designs you like as well as colors. The color scheme should play off the bridesmaids dresses, invitations or the interior of the reception space.

DSC_0791 copyThe above arrangement is made of various broaches that the bride collected from family to make it extra special.  PLP_0866 copy

Various hues of pink was a theme throughout this wedding and reception.   

Whenever choosing your flowers or decorations remember textures, size, colors and the season of your wedding. Check out websites like,, or

A DSC_0910 copy copy

Happy Decorating!!

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What Matters To You?

I have asked this before to couples when they are having a hard time deciding on what to do, when planning their wedding… What Matters To You? What is your style? What do you and your fiance’ love about each other?


Do you like walks in a park? Do you like the great outdoors? Or do you like to stay in and watch a movie? Would you rather stay up late or get up early?

What is it that makes you attracted to each other? These are questions that sometimes help a couple decide on what kind of wedding they want.

A big party atmosphere or a slow romantic wedding/reception. Maybe a little of both. Romance isn’t necessarily boring and party atmosphere doesn’t have to exclude romance. However, think about how you want to incorporate each into your big day.

Find your colors, find your dj or band, find a wedding coordinator, find a caterer, find a florist and tell them. Tell them your passions, tell them your wishes and see what transpires from those conversations. You dictate to them your desires. Don’t let them dictate to you what they want. Then and only then will you get the perfect day for you and your fiance’.

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Some Real Wedding Favorites

Everything I show you all in photographs are real wedding photos. What does that mean? Well it means it is NOT a model shoot or a FAKE wedding recreation. I think there have been a couple of times that I have done model shoots but I have been honest with you and told you that they were.

I truly believe in being honest with you and showing you the actual weddings I have photographed so you can get an idea of style and purpose of my photographs. I strive to make each wedding unique and fun. Each couple to me has a different personality and flare. When searching for a #weddingphotographer do you want your photos to look like the ones you see on a website or do you want something unique and stylish to fit your personality. Here are a few sneak peek photos, of the couples, for my September, 2018 brides and grooms.

PLP_0699 logo

September 8, 2018 Julie Hering and @Philip Meade (both above and below) In @Lexington, Ky photos and reception @SignatureClub Wedding ceremony held @Crestwood Christian Church

PLP_0655 copy

September 22, 2018 @Jennesy McConnell and @James Tsimekles (below)

PLL_7890 copy

@St.Mary’s in @NewAlbany, Indiana. Reception @theCalumetClub (above and below)

PLL_7909 logo

@Michelle Mattingly and @Trey Spalding (below)

PLL_9055-Edit logo

Wedding and reception on a farm @Howardstown, Ky

#1 PLL_9296-Edit copy logo

Howardstown is near @New Haven, Ky and near @Bardstown

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Where Do You Start With Planning Your Wedding?

Many people I have met through the years have told me, “I don’t even know where to start” (when planning a wedding). There are so many things to do. Choosing a date, picking a venue, choosing colors, choosing who will be in the wedding, and then there are all the different vendors.  Photographer, videographer, caterer, planner, florist, etc… Oh my!!


Well here is what many people do when starting to plan their wedding.

I always use the ole journalism questions! Who?, What?, When? and Where?

1. Who? You know who is getting married, but do you have a guess (just an estimate) of how many you will invite? Later on you will get down to the nitty gritty as to exact numbers. But, you can guess approximately how many you’ll invite and get a round figure.

2. When? Date – Pick a date that means something. It could be, just the fact you want to have a summer wedding or you want a date that you and your fiance’ met. Whatever the reason this helps to go forward in your planning. NOTE:  I have seen some have 2 different dates as to have a bit more flexibility for their vendors.


3. Where? Venue: Choose a venue that you know is right for you and your fiance’ There are many beautiful venues but don’t get caught up with just beauty. Think about the seating arrangements, think about the way the day will play out in your head, as far as, how everyone, in the wedding party, will be getting dressed. Also if you’re on a tight budget think about how much the cost is to decorate the place.

4. What? What is the most important vendors to you and your fiance’:

Wedding coordinator, photographer, videographer, baker, caterer, bartender, dress shop, tuxedo rental, hair dresser, makeup artist etc… Decide on what will last forever and go from there.

Most people usually think of the photographer next. Why, because photography lasts forever. It is something that you will have to look back on and show off to others for years to come. It will bring up memories of how you felt that day. So don’t skimp on things that mean a lot to you.

Always remember, if you get a little nervous or anxious, this wedding will happen as long as you and your fiance’ can say ‘I Do’ !

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Did you know that Patricia cares about you and how your wedding photography turns out?

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Lexington and Versailles Kentucky Venues

Lexington/Versailles area is a beautiful place with many wonderful venues. I have been blessed to be able to photograph many of these venues for years. Lexington has a laid back attitude that has both southern laid back charm but yet is progressive. Known for horses, University of Kentucky and sweet charm, Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky.

The 2 venues above and below are @Fasig-Tipton and the @Griffin Gate Marriott.


Lexington has a vibrancy like no other. But so does Versailles….

The above photos are are taken in @Versailles Kentucky @Kentucky Castle and @Polo Fields at Saxony Farm #saxonyfarm

Around Versailles you can let your eyes dance on the rolling hills, as horses run around playfully. Take your shoes off and run in the open fields of lush #bluegrass, feeling like a kid again. Let the golden ceilings of the romantic buildings honor your royalty from within. This area of Kentucky encapsulates all these feelings and more.

So if you’re planning a wedding think about this bluegrass region of Kentucky. I don’t think it will disappoint.

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