What Does Kentucky Mean To You?

Kentucky is flirtatious, she’s as curvy as Marilyn Monroe and will warm your heart yearning to see more. The western boundary is flat and fertile due to the iconic Mississippi River and the northern border curves into the landscape like a beautiful woman because of the Ohio River. The eastern border is the great Appalachia mountains with a vast natural beauty all it’s own. The southern border is invisible and rolls you right into Tennessee. #iloveKentucky #kentucky

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, horses, rock climbing and beautiful women! Well, at least that is what I have always heard.  When traveling abroad people say, oh you’re the home of KFC, The Kentucky Derby and Maker’s Mark. I have heard that the Native Americans who lived here used to call her “The happy hunting grounds” due to its fertility that attracted a wide variety of game.

Yes, we are home to all those things but Kentucky is so much more… Many people get married in Kentucky because it is conveniently located and not too commercialized. She is full of friendly people and couples who love her as if she were their mother. They embrace her and take pride in her. Her hot humid summers hug you and the cool breezes in the winter go through you as if to say, “wake up look at me”.  Weddings are common here, like most other places, but they bring in a certain style that I have been capturing for over 20 years. Horse farms, mountains, bourbon distilleries are just a few places that hold weddings and make them unique to Kentucky.

Come to Kentucky and enjoy her. She is always open. #imengaged #lookingforaweddingphotographer #Patricialongmirephotography #iaminlove #imgettingmarried

A Small Spring Wedding…In Cynthiana, Kentucky

Carrie and Trey were married in #Cynthiana, Kentucky @Ashford Acres in April, 2018. What a beautiful day. This historic home helped set the scene for romance and beauty. @Carrie Bowling Wilburn @Carrie Bowling and @Trey Wilburn were so excited when they saw each other (no first look) they teared up and said wow to each other after Carrie’s walk down the aisle. They were married on the front porch of this beautiful house and had their reception indoor. The couple had approximately 25 guests which included family and close friends. Their short ceremony was followed by the reception where the couple could have extended conversations with everyone.

Best of luck Carrie and Trey and I know your future is bright.

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Nervous or Anxious About Planning Your Wedding?

Anxiety and nervousness is part of planning your wedding. But, it doesn’t have to take over your life. You should have some fun in the planning your wedding and here’s how.


  1.  Learn yoga, meditation or prayer. I say this in all honesty. When you know how to do any of these or all, then you will have something to turn to when you feel those muscles tensing up and anxiety rising.
  2. Learn how to say “no”. If only I had learned that when I was engaged, life would have been so much easier. When you don’t want to do something say “no”. When you are being pressured into buying something you don’t want say “no”. Say no to your family or friends too. They won’t get their feelings hurt and you will feel better too.
  3. Remember not everything is going to go perfect and deal with it. I don’t mean to sound harsh but something will go wrong. It might be something small like your ring bearer not walking down the aisle when you want him to on wedding day. That happened to me and it is a great story 22 years later. My nephew laughs at the story every time it’s brought up.
  4. Let others help. It is hard to ask for help. I know you don’t want to ask people because everyone is so busy. However, many people are willing and want to help but they just don’t know how. It’s okay. Let them. You will get closer to those people and you’ll enjoy their company when you get together and do the tasks at hand.

Laugh and enjoy your engaged time. It should be fun and exciting. I loved the time planning my wedding and whenever I got nervous I just said a prayer or vented to a family member. It’s all good!! #wedding #planningawedding #photolux #photoluxstudio #engaged #engagement #engagedtobemarried #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #portraitphotographer #ottawaportraitphotographer #ottawaphotographer #ottawaweddingphotographer #ottawawedding #newlyengaged #soontobemrandmrs #mrandmrstobe #isaidyes #shesaidyes #isaidyestotheman #love #happiness #loveofmylife #winterengagement #winterbliss #weddingplanning #weddingcountdown #fashion #greenhouse #aquatopia #engaged #engagement

2018 Favorite Wedding Photos by Patricia (part 2)

Wow this is a hard thing to do. Not only do I have to size all the photos but I have to select my favorites for the whole year What!!!! So I divided it into 2 parts with the first part being last week. But you all have to know this is EXTREMELY hard! After photographing multiple weddings and sifting through thousands of photos I have decided on these. There are so many more that I  might have to do a third part to this series. 2018 was a great year for the bride and groom. I am so very lucky to get to meet these people and I want to tell you that my couples in 2019 have a lot to live up to.

I mean really look at Alex and Tanner they were emotional and fun!

Then take a look at Lyndsay and Charlie, above, @MyOldKentuckyHome they not only had a beautiful day but also the time of their lives.

Mallary and Chris were so kind and thoughtful that I know their future looks bright (above).

Then there were Jessica and Jack, above, renewing their vowels. Enjoying their time with family and their 2 beautiful daughters.

Carrie and Trey enjoyed their southern style @Kentucky Home in @Cynthiana @AshfordAcresInn #Ashford Acres Inn where they a small romantic wedding.

These are the weddings I was so blessed to get to photograph early in the year. I hope you see the difference in each wedding and enjoy the photographs.

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Patricia’s 2018 Favorite Wedding Photos (Part 1)

Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear Can you believe it 2018 is over and a new year has entered into our lives. These photos that are about to be shown to you are personal favorites of Patricia. Some are not necessarily be the best but they mean something. Something to Patricia because of the story behind them.

These photos of Julie and Philip truly bring joy to those who know them. This #LexingtonKy wedding was enjoyed by all. #Thesignatureclub @The Signature Club #CrestwoodChristianChurch @Crestwood Christian Church

Some favorites of Patricia are those photos that bring out emotion. When there is a lot of emotion in a photograph it’s moving. Check out some of these….

#Weddings are an amazing time to laugh, cry and reflect on life. Patricia looks back to reflect on the photos from 2018 and is pleased that her clients/friends are happy and that she had some amazing people to photograph.

Here are more detail photos….

Here are a few reflection photos. Patricia loves reflections #reflectionphotos

These photos are only a part of what she took this year. There will be another gallery of 2018 favorites this month. So keep your eyes peeled.


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Cold Weather…. Good Time To Plan

Planning a wedding can be crazy. However, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself if you start planning ahead of time. Winter is a great time to get organized because few outings are planned in winter. #planningawedding #weddingplanning


Stop and think about the details that you may want for your wedding. Details like flowers, colors, participants in the wedding (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, program attendants etc…) and general decorum. This can be decided with a cup of coffee and a notebook.


Grab your parents and/or fiance’ to sit and write ideas down about colors and other things. Take those thoughts and mull over what you like best. Rate them and then start researching what works best for you and your fiance’, such as location of your wedding. You might want an elegant evening wedding in the fall. Look up sunset times and fall colors and see what is popular for season. Then look up various venues that can hold the amount of people you might invite. This may take a month or so but take your time.


Then it is time to make appointments at these select venues. You will simply feel what is right. Go with your gut instinct.


Then you select other vendors like photographer, wedding coordinator etc… Winter is downtime, it is time to think. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and feel the warmth of the cup. Breathe in the moment and let your mind dream about your beautiful wedding!

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Shoes On Your Wedding Day

I must confess I don’t wear high heels anymore. The main reason I don’t wear them is because of the flexibility of climbing ladders, walking on soggy ground or just simply being on my feet, for many hours, at a time with an extra 20-30 pounds on my back. But, if you are a bride who loves heels or a groom who has to wear dress shoes read the rest of this article….

Take these things into consideration:

1. If you must wear dress shoes stretch them out. Wear them days before the wedding. This will help tremendously.

2. Bring bandages in case of blistering during the day.

3. Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the reception. This will give your feet a break.

4. Last resort just wear comfortable shoes during the wedding!

Simple ideas, but remember, your feet is your foundation. If they hurt you will be in pain all day and will not enjoy the day as much as you think. I have had lots of experience watching brides and grooms (along  with people in the wedding party) be in agonizing pain due to uncomfortable shoes. They usually take the shoes off eventually to free their feet.

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