Patricia’s 2018 Favorite Wedding Photos (Part 1)

Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear Can you believe it 2018 is over and a new year has entered into our lives. These photos that are about to be shown to you are personal favorites of Patricia. Some are not necessarily be the best but they mean something. Something to Patricia because of the story behind them.

These photos of Julie and Philip truly bring joy to those who know them. This #LexingtonKy wedding was enjoyed by all. #Thesignatureclub @The Signature Club #CrestwoodChristianChurch @Crestwood Christian Church

Some favorites of Patricia are those photos that bring out emotion. When there is a lot of emotion in a photograph it’s moving. Check out some of these….

#Weddings are an amazing time to laugh, cry and reflect on life. Patricia looks back to reflect on the photos from 2018 and is pleased that her clients/friends are happy and that she had some amazing people to photograph.

Here are more detail photos….

Here are a few reflection photos. Patricia loves reflections #reflectionphotos

These photos are only a part of what she took this year. There will be another gallery of 2018 favorites this month. So keep your eyes peeled.


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Cold Weather…. Good Time To Plan

Planning a wedding can be crazy. However, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself if you start planning ahead of time. Winter is a great time to get organized because few outings are planned in winter. #planningawedding #weddingplanning


Stop and think about the details that you may want for your wedding. Details like flowers, colors, participants in the wedding (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, program attendants etc…) and general decorum. This can be decided with a cup of coffee and a notebook.


Grab your parents and/or fiance’ to sit and write ideas down about colors and other things. Take those thoughts and mull over what you like best. Rate them and then start researching what works best for you and your fiance’, such as location of your wedding. You might want an elegant evening wedding in the fall. Look up sunset times and fall colors and see what is popular for season. Then look up various venues that can hold the amount of people you might invite. This may take a month or so but take your time.


Then it is time to make appointments at these select venues. You will simply feel what is right. Go with your gut instinct.


Then you select other vendors like photographer, wedding coordinator etc… Winter is downtime, it is time to think. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and feel the warmth of the cup. Breathe in the moment and let your mind dream about your beautiful wedding!

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Shoes On Your Wedding Day

I must confess I don’t wear high heels anymore. The main reason I don’t wear them is because of the flexibility of climbing ladders, walking on soggy ground or just simply being on my feet, for many hours, at a time with an extra 20-30 pounds on my back. But, if you are a bride who loves heels or a groom who has to wear dress shoes read the rest of this article….

Take these things into consideration:

1. If you must wear dress shoes stretch them out. Wear them days before the wedding. This will help tremendously.

2. Bring bandages in case of blistering during the day.

3. Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the reception. This will give your feet a break.

4. Last resort just wear comfortable shoes during the wedding!

Simple ideas, but remember, your feet is your foundation. If they hurt you will be in pain all day and will not enjoy the day as much as you think. I have had lots of experience watching brides and grooms (along  with people in the wedding party) be in agonizing pain due to uncomfortable shoes. They usually take the shoes off eventually to free their feet.

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What has 25 years of experience taught me?

The definition of experience:

The knowledge or skill acquired by experience over a period of time, especially that gained in a particular profession by someone at work. Gaining knowledge.

synonym: skill, knowledge, understanding.


I gained experience through hard knocks in photojournalism. I would get sent out on assignment and be expected to get good photos by only knowing this subject a little time. Another words a quick education.

Example: I would be assigned to go to a school to take photos of a principal that got a special award. In order to get this photo to look interesting I had to ask the principal (who was usually on a tight schedule) a few questions. At the same time I would have to evaluate the way the office, hallways and school looked to see what made the best photo. Then I would also have to evaluate the lighting and backgrounds all to make the photo as interesting to the reader as possible. Oh and I had to make my subject feel comfortable in front of the camera. By the way this had to be done within a few minutes.

I did this day in and day out. Of course all being different assignments with strangers, neighbors, happy, sad or even conflict going on around me. This is called quick observation. I loved doing this because it taught me to pay attention to details of human nature and their environment around them.

I remember an assignment where I had to follow an accused robber walking into the courthouse. We, the media, had to follow him across a busy street with his attorneys in tow and with television cameras getting in my way. Cars honked and came close to the media herd but I still had to get my shot. I was jogging practically sideways, if this is possible, without falling with a camera in my face.  I was probably the shortest of all of the camera people so I chose a low angle. Wow it took the breath out of me afterward. But, I got the shot.

This is experience.

Now I do weddings and other portraiture and I have to do the same thing. The luxury of this is I get to know my subject matter and get a feel for their personality before the big event and I don’t have to jog sideways, most of the time.  However, that experience of hurrying up to get the best shot of the robber plays an important roll in my current photography skills. Being ready at all times.

I attribute it as being a boy or girl scout always being ready. Aiming my camera as if a hunter with his gun or bow, searching  for the best deer or the fattest squirrel.

So when you get a photographer for your wedding or family photo make sure they have experience to capture all those special in between moments. Don’t settle for anything less.

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March Wedding, Pure Elegance – The Gillespie in Louisville, Ky.

Catrena and Adrian’s wedding was one of a kind. With the #elegantwedding being held at The Gillespie ( @thegillespie ) in @Louisville #LouisvilleKentucky  it truly fit them perfectly. #imgettingmarried

A short history on The Gillespie:

Constructed in 1929, the building was originally known as the Lincoln Bank and Trust Company.  With its beautiful Art-Deco architectural design, in 2005 the building was restored and transformed into what is now The Gillespie; the premier venue in the Louisville area for the most lavish weddings, galas, and other events.

Adrian and Catrena’s March 18, 2016 wedding truly was magical.


Adrian was so ready for the day. Decked out in his tux and bow tie. His family helped him get ready and had lighthearted conversation to cut the nerves.

The bride, Catrena, was stunning. She lit up every room she was in. Her elegance and grace truly sparkled. The dress was a perfect fit and flattered her petite figure.

The details were well thought out. From the entrance, sign in, to the special photos Catrena hung on her bouquet in memory of those who have passed away. Everything was special and elegant. #diyguestbook #weddingsign #guestsigninideas #details

Then of course there were the family and friends making the day even more special.

Then the party began with dancing, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting and more dancing!

Nothing was left out. Happy Anniversary Adrian and Catrena may there be many years of happiness in your life as a married couple.


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Camera and Lenses

Okay I have been a photographer for over 25 years (oh that sounds old) but I assure you that this experience makes a difference. Now the question is, does a camera make a difference? Well it can make a BIG difference if you are a seasoned professional like myself. I am #Nikonpro #Nikon user and other companies like Canon, Sony, etc. work great, but I can only speak about my Nikon cameras and lenses. I shoot with 2 Nikon 810s and a Nikon D700. These cameras are very versatile and can push photography to the limits. Like the photo below it was taken after the sun had set and very little light was available. However, I was still able to handhold this camera, on the move, going down the hill still incorporating the cross into the photo, without blur.


I shoot about 99% of my photos on manual mode and this gives me the versatility needed to get the photos I want.  Now could I do the same work with other cameras? Sure, however if I want the versatility, consistency and quality needed to do weddings I recommend a professional camera. Yes I use my iPhone for many things and yes the technology is getting better and yes there are less expensive models on the market, but again the versatility makes me happier.


I mean look at the details in the photo above. Not only can you see the reflection clearly but also each hair on this man’s head. I shot this photo this way and even if I wanted to crop on just the reflection of the groom, I could, because of the high quality camera and lens. The detail is amazing.


This room above (I did do a Photoshop warming filter) was perhaps one of the darkest rooms I have experienced in years. But I still got the shot!

Now that I have done Nikon a favor by bragging about their cameras, now I will brag about their lenses. Sharpness is the answer. Clear, sharp, high end glass is what we called it in the photojournalism realm. Nikon is known for their glass. I always buy the brightest lenses I can afford. Usually with the F-stop of 2.8. This way I have the ability to get the short depth of field or the most light, in most any circumstances, possible. The photo above and below were shot at F 2.8. #F2.8


This couple had a beautiful location however the background had stores and a busy road that congested the photo. So in order for the background to go out of focus I used my high end lenses to cut out all the congestion. Now we have a clean background and can focus on my couple.

I know if you are starting out #phtoobeginner you might not be able to afford a high end camera so just buy what you can afford, but get the most bang for your money. Get better lenses if you can then work your way up the camera scale.

If you are wanting to view more photos of mine go to my website: Check out the galleries but also my blog posts. Best of luck with your camera!

Oh My What A Beautiful Lexington Ky Wedding

Here is a real 2018 wedding from @Lexington Ky!! This wedding consisted of a little romance, a little comedy and a whole lot of love. @Julie Hering @Julie Hering Meade and @Philip Meade were one of the nicest and kindest people anyone would ever want to know. It was an honor to be the one there to tell their story of their dream wedding day.

PLP_0699 logo

September 8, 2018

@TheSignatureClub was the place they chose to get ready…

and do their first look…

Julie with her family and friends and Philip with his were having the time of their lives.

Then there was the beautiful Julie. She looked stunning.


Of course Philip looked very handsome too.


The #ceremony at @Crestwood Christian Church was a wonderful church to have a heartfelt time of reflection.

Who couldn’t forget the party #reception later after the ceremony.


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